• The society shall serve the benefit of employees of the Singareni Collieries Company Limited and their families including families of those employees who died while in service or retired on medical grounds and of the public residing in the coal belt area in general.
  • The society shall aid or establish, takeover or collaborate with any other institution or school or association for physical, mental, spiritual, educational development including vocational training and all-round development among adults and children of all ages without any distinction of caste, creed or religion.
  • The society shall promote the spiritual studies and open spiritual training and yoga centers to equip all individuals with a complete well-rounded personality.
  • The Society shall propagate, impart and adopt any audiovisual methods including mass media communication methods for tackling the problems of crime, drug abuses and help in the inculcation of such behavior as would bring happiness to all those who shall stand to benefit by it without reservation of his status, caste and religion, to promote social harmony.
  • The Society shall strive for the removal of social evils, customs or render to promote self-help to overcome any of these evils.
  • The Society shall train or arrange to train and guide prospective candidates for various competitive examinations conducted by various public and private institutions or authorities or agencies for the purpose of appointment or for admission into technical, academic and professional courses, studies etc.
  • The Society shall take up or render any service or scheme(s) or measures which are intended for the benefit or welfare of those mentioned at Clause (I) above and retain any surplus or commission or profit incidentally arising there from and utilize the said surplus or commission or profit for any or all the purposes or objectives of the society as stated above.