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Prior to 1st January 1985 the SCCL coal was ungraded and the Government of India decided to extend the coal gradation to SCCL Mines on par with CIL on 1-1-1985.

From 01.01.1985, coal was graded as A to G (Seven grades) basing on the Useful Heat Value.

As per GoI Notification, from 01.01.2012 onwards coal is being graded on Gross Calorific Value (GCV). There are 17 GCV grades starting from 2201K.Cal/Kg (G17) to above 7000K.Cal/Kg (G1). GCV bandwidth between two successive grades is 300 K.Cal/Kg.

SCCL is paying utmost care towards coal quality.

Quality Management Department

Under the control of Director (Operations), the Quality Management Department is headed by General Manager (Quality Management) at corporate. Three regional GMs one each at Kothagudem, Ramagundam and Bellampalli and quality in-charges for each area are functioning under GM(QM), Corporate. 3 regional Laboratories at Kothagudem, Ramagundam & Mandamarri and two Area laboratories at Manuguru & Bhopalpalli in the department to cater the coal quality along with Mine Air analysis and other analytical needs. One laboratory is functioning at Central Work Shop & one laboratory at RG OC III is working to cater metallurgical analysis and Oil analysis needs respectively. Field laboratories at CHPs/ OCPs are functioning to cater daily monitoring of coal quality. SCCL laboratories are equipped with modernized equipment in the analytical front.

This Department has three major functions, namely

  • Quality Management of non-coking coal produced by SCCL with respect to the coal grades declared as per GOI notification and as per FSA's entered with major customers/consumers
  • Analytical function to assess the coal grade as per Gross Calorific Value. Analysis of the mine gases from safety point of view and general analysis of various items as may be required by the company.
  • Advising on washing coal for coal beneficiation etc. by providing technical knowledge and support.
Other functions of the Department
  • Declaration of annual grades and its maintenance
  • Quality-wise coal linkages to dispatch points for optimum sales realisation
  • Liaison with the office of the Coal Controller, Kolkata
  • Consumer guidance and attending to consumer complaints
  • Ensuring the Third Party Sampling as per FSA's
  • Technical guidance and co-ordination work with Area, Regional Laboratories and area quality control officers.