Floating of tenders :
For Civil works costing above Rs. 2.00 Lakhs, tenders are floated on e-procurement platform of Telangana State Govt.
For Civil works costing upto Rs. 2.00 Lakhs, tender forms are sold at O/o Area Civil Engineers.
For Outsourcing tenders, the registered contractors have to approach O/o Area Civil engineers and make applications.
Eligibility criteria :
Corporate tenders costing above Rs. 50 lakhs:
The intending Contractors are required to fulfil the following eligibility criteria among others.
  • Specified financial turn over in civil works
  • Specified quantities of prime item execution
  • Available bid capacity
JV participation is allowed for some works costing above Rs. 1.00 Crores
Area tenders costing up to Rs. 50 lakhs:
Registration in appropriate class is the only eligibility criteria for all normal works.
Unit Rate tenders :
These tenders are called generally for 2 years period. Class of registration will be arrived at considering 50% of the estimated cost. Accordingly bidder should have registration in specified class. Further, the bidder can participate for the work in those areas for which he opted at the time of registration or subsequently. It may be noted that some of the Unit Rate tenders are reserved for mutually aided co-operative societies (MACS) comprising of project displaced families/ project affected families.