Requirement of Contractor Registration in SCCL:
The Contractor who desires to participate in civil tenders costing above Rs. 50 lakhs, (Corporate tenders) can directly participate in tenders. There is no requirement of registration with SCCL.
The Contractor who desires to participate in civil tenders costing up to Rs. 50 lakhs. (Area tenders) should have registration with SCCL before participating in tenders. For participating in outsourcing tenders, prior registration is required.
Procedure for registration of contractors in SCCL:
The registration of contractors will be done by General Manger (Civil).
Different classes and norms for registration & participation in tenders in SCCL are as follows.
Class Eligibility for participating in works costing (Rs. Lakhs) Annual turnover required for registration Solvency required in the form of FDR (Rs. Lakhs) Registration fee (Rs. Ps.)
Class-I 40 50 30 2 3,000 + GST
Class-II 20 40 15 1 2,000 + GST
Class-III 5 20 5 0.5 1,000 + GST
Class-IV - 5 ** 0.25
500 + GST
** Applicant should have worked as a site supervisor under any class-I & II contractor and relevant certificate should be submitted.
Periodical review of Registered contractors :
Registration will be valid up to 5 years from the date of registration. Applications for renewal of registration after 5 years if desired should be submitted to the office of General Manger (Civil) one month in advance from the date of expiry of validity of registration with necessary documents.
The contractor while getting registered with SCCL can opt for any one Area of SCCL for participation in Unit Rate tenders. They are not eligible to participate in Unit Rate tenders of other areas. However they can get their option changed after every 2 years if they desire so.