Business Development

Business Development
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The Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. is the oldest Govt. Mining Company in the country having a history of more than 125 years in coal mining. The company produced 64.023 MT of coal in the year 2019-20 and is a profit making and dividend paying company. The company is strong in Modern Coal Mining Technologies in Opencast and Underground Mines, usage of IT, Equipment Maintenance, Coal Handling and Modern Management practices including implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) project.

It has charted out an aggressive growth strategy by leveraging its core competency in Coal Mining operations by extension of its business operations into.
Consultancy related to coal mining
  • Coal Exploration and Evaluation
  • Mine Planning, Design and Construction
  • Mine Survey
  • Human Resource Development
  • Contract Management
  • Management Services
  • Analytical Services
  • Recruitment
  • Mines Rescue Services
Coal mining expansion in India
(outside SCCL command Area)
  • Technical service Provider
  • Owner's Engineer
  • Business Partner
    • Consortium
  • Power Generation (Thermal / Solar)
  • Explosive Manufacturing (Captive use)
  • Processing of OB for using in civil construction(Under Trial)
Business Partners

SCCL entered into MoU with INDU PROJECTS LTD & CATERPILLAR GLOBAL MINING EUROPE GmbH on 23.07.2010 for jointly bidding for Moonidih Coal Mine belonging to BCCL by

  • Lending its experience for DPR preparation for Longwall in Coal Mine
  • Lending its services for Mine Planning,Detailed Project Reports, Environment Management Plan preparations and
  • Coordinate with the lead member in Project implementation
SCCL entered into Relationship arrangement with CSIRO, Australia on 01.02.2006 at New Delhi. This arrangement facilitates R & D projects in Strata Mechanics, ventilation and other related subjects with specific reference to Longwall Mining. Sri R.H.Khwaja, IAS, C & MD, SCCL and Dr. Cliff Mallett, Acting Chief, CSIRO exchanged the relationship arrangement. Mr. Bob Baldwin, Parliamentary Secretary to Australia is also present.
With over 125 years of experience in Coal mining, SCCL has acquired expertise in different activities.
SCCL is proposing to take-up consultancy jobs related to mining in the following areas.
1. Coal Exploration and Evaluation

SCCL is having an ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited Exploration department with highly qualified, academically brilliant , strong inter disciplinary experts comprising of 30 Geologists, 8 Drilling Engineers, 7 Geo-physicists and 5 Hydro- Geologists bringing out the Insights of the the Earth’s hidden Treasure. SCCL is equipped with 3 numbers of sophisticated digital Geo-Physical Loggers. The drilling in SCCL is carrying out by deploying 12 drills in GVCF, Telangana. So far SCCL prepared 195 Geological Reports and 130 Geo-Models pertaining to Godavari valley coalfield and coal blocks allocated to SCCL & other Agencies.

    The works undertaken by SCCL are:
  • Geological mapping and Field investigations
  • Drilling (coring & non-coring)
  • Geological Core logging
  • Preparation of Geological Reports and various related plans
  • Digital 3D Geo-model using MINEX software .
  • Estimation of coal resources
  • Conducting Hydro-geological tests , preparation of Environmental reports and hydro-geological modelling by using "Visual MODFLOW Flex" software.
  • Borehole geophysical logging using digital loggers and surface resistivity surveys.
  • Geotechnical mapping, core photography and application of "Core Profiler" software.
  • Geotechnical studies viz ., UG/OC mapping, HMR/ Q-system report preparation, slope stability studies, Plate Load Test (PLT) and Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) for dump stability etc.
2. Mine Planning, Design and Construction

SCCL has an ISO 9001:2015 accredited Project Planning department, capable of undertaking Coal mine planning in detail. It has 32 professionals in the fields of Opencast mining, Underground mining, Survey, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Financial Evaluation Experts (Econometrician & Finance), Industrial Engineering, Geology and Civil Engineering and other trained personnel.


The department is using latest versions of mine planning software like MINEX, CARLSON and Auto CAD for preparation of Project Reports and MS Projects 2019 for preparation of Project implementation Schedules..


Project Planning department has so far prepared 172 Project Reports (from 1997-98) and 148 Mining plans(from 1988-89).

Major works undertaken by the department are:
  • Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports for Opencast & Underground Mines.
  • Preparation of Mining Plans under Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act 1957.
a) Core competency of the department is in the following areas:
  • Mine Planning and Design
  • Pit Optimisation
  • Production Scheduling
  • Mine Equipment Planning
  • Planning for Coal handling arrangements / Washery.
  • Capital and Operating cost estimation
  • Profitability Analysis in terms of Internal Rate of Return.
  • Risk and Sensitivity analysis
  • Analysis of Social and Environmental impact
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation.
3. Mine Survey

Survey department is competent to conduct the following BD works like:

  • 1. Field surveys
  • 2. Check surveys
  • 3. Computation of Excavated Volumes etc.,

The corp. survey department is also handling the following survey works for the new upcoming projects with experienced surveyors:

  • a. CA land surveys
  • b. Land acquisition surveys along with Govt. Officials
  • c. Triangulation surveys
  • d. Fixation of mine base points & Control points
  • e. Forest Land Authentication surveys

For the above said works, the corp.survey department has all the latest survey equipments mentioned below:

  • 1. 30 Laser Scanner Instrument,
  • 2. DGPS Instrument,
  • 3. Total Station Instrument,
  • 4. Digital leveling Instrument etc.,

At present corp. survey .department is carrying out the following Excavation volume evaluation survey works under BD:

    Name of the Mine/Project - Period
  • Tadicherla -1 Coal Mine of Mls TSGENCO - Quarterly
  • Mangampet Barytes Project of Mls APMDC, YSR Kadapa Dist, AP. - Annual
  • Suliyari Coal mine of Mls APMDC, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh - Quarterly
  • Coal stock Verification at GIL Mines. - Annual

We may contact the companies I agencies which were allotted coal blocks recently for the survey works through BD department.

4. Human Resource Development

SCCL is having well equipped Air Conditioned In House Training facilities at their Management Training Institutes for building competency in core operations as well as in managerial skills/personality development, etc. for making the participants globally competitive. The services offered are

  • Executive Developmental Programmes
  • Vocational Training
  • On-the-job Training
  • Statutory Underground trainning for Overman , Surveyors, II/I class mine managers certificate of competency.
  • Trainning to operators on HEMM.
  • Training to operators on Simulators for Shovel, Dumper & Dozer
5. Contract Management

The services offered are preparation of Tender documents, Technical evaluation and Award of contracts for the following works:

  • Over Burden removal
  • Coal Transportation
  • Sand supply
  • Bottom Ash transportation
6. Management Services

SCCL is pioneer in introduction of Scientific Management Techniques . Industrial Engineering Department (lED) Started in 1950s with IBCONS Consultants. All the IEs are Graduate Engineers with Post Graduation in Industrial Engineering. lED of SCCL is the oldest in the Mining Industry and also older than IE Professional Body (i.e. Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai). The following are the major functions being carried-out by lED in SCCL.

  • Human Resources Planning
  • Human Potential Exploitation
  • Skill Sets Requirement
  • Manpower Redeployment, Transfers, Promotions & Performance Monitoring
  • Identifying surplus Manpower and measures for gainful deployment etc, .
  • Methods Study
  • Systems Study and Improvement
  • Job Standards and Work Norms Development
  • Optimal Crew Sizes determination
    Motivational Techniques
  • Design & Implementation of Productivity linked Wage Incentive Schemes.
    Management Information System: For Decision Support Systems and Monitoring the Performance of various Inputs, generation of Mine, Area and Company wise reports like
  • Management Control Statement
  • HEMM & UGMM Performance Report
  • Internal Bench Marking
    Change Management from concept to delivery lED acts as a catalyst for Development of the Organisation through var ious initiatives on Change Management.
  • Multi Departmental Teams
  • Member of IRF Teams (Corporate and Area)
    Business Process Re-Engineering. lED as a member in various activities in the organizatio"n.
  • Implementation of Integrated Management Systems (ERP)
  • Out Sourcing I Off Loading of Non-Core Activities (Low Skills, Low Value Addition and High Costs)
  • BOO System
  • Introduction of Management by Objectives to improve the economic viability of UG Mines
  • Development of OB Removal Rates, Sand & Coal Transport Rates, Conveyance Unit Rates etc,.
    Material Resource Planning :
  • Analysis on Consumption of Material as per specific requirement from the user Department.
  • HSD Oil Norms fixation & Monitoring
  • Lubricants Norms fixation &Monitoring
7. Analytical Services

SCCL is strengthened with 5 NABL accredited Analytical Laboratories which can take up the following analytical works with highly experienced personnel having expertise in analytical skills in deciphering reliable quality data with sophisticated and rnodern equipment. The services offered are

  • Geo-Chemical Analysis
    • Generation of Quality data from Exploratory Boreholes
    • Proximate Analysis (Moisture, Ash, Volatile Matter and Fixed Carbon) as per IS method
    • Ultimate Analysis (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulphur)
    • Determination Gross Calorific Value (GCV) with Bomb Calorimeter
  • Geo-Physical Analysis
    • Testing of core samples of Rock and Coal, Roof bolts, Haulage rope, Tub shackles & Bricks for Physico- Mechanical Properties (Density, Compressive strength, Tensile strength, Shear strength, Impact strength, Protodyknov Index, Rock Mass)
  • Washability studies
    • Size analysis
    • Float & Sink analysis with proximate & ultimate analysis for determination of Coal quality and yield percentage
  • Mine air analysis (CO2 , CO , H2 , O2 , CH4 , N2)
  • Water Analysis
    • Total hardness
    • Ca as CaC03
    • Mg as MgC03
    • P Alkalinity
    • M Alkalinity
    • Chlorides
    • Silica
    • Phosphate
    • Aluminium
    • Copper
    • Sulphate
    • Iron
    • Chlorides
    • Sodium
    • Potassium
    • pH
    • BOD
    • COD
    • Conductivity
  • Oil analysis
    • Moisture analysis
    • Acidity number (TAN)
    • Viscosity
    • Flash point
    • Suspended particles
    • NAS Value
  • Sampling of coal & coke as per IS method
8. Recruitment
  • Executives and Non-executives
9. Mines Rescue Services

SCCL is equipped with dynamic and energetic well trained 500 Rescue personnel. The rescue teams are outfitted with rescue and recovery equipments having state of art technology. The services offered are

  • Initial training in mines Rescue & Recovery work.
  • Revalidation training to Rescue trained persons, those who discontinued on getting permission from DGMS authorities
  • Advance training in First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) technique
  • Affiliation of Mines Rescue Room of other Company to Mines Rescue Station of SCCL.
  • Mine air samples analysis by Gas Chromatography
  • To meet emergencies for dealing
    • Recovery of machineries under collapsed roof in underground mines
    • Disasters like road accidents, natural disasters etc
General Manager
(Business Development Department)
The Singareni Collieries Company Ltd.
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