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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


CRP/FTY/A/62/01 02    Supply of good healthy Eucalyptus clones of required specifications (50 Lakh Nos.) to different areas of SCCL (Kothagudem, Sathupally, Yellandu, Manuguru, Ramagundam-I, II III, Bhopalpally, Srirampur, Bellampally and Mandamarri) and also Distribution all the areas of Telangana State during 2018 planting season    10-Apr-2018    10-May-2018   


RG.I/FTY/A/212/02    Raising and maintenance of 1.0 lakh numbers of 5"x9" size bags, conversion and maintenance of 1.87 lakh existing seedlings in to 6"x12" size bags and maintenance of left over stock in the nursery at RG.III during the year 2017-18.    27-Jul-2017    27-Apr-2018   


MMR/FTY/A/18/06    Revisiting of old OB dumps in RKOCP ( 20 ha ) and KKOCP ( 5 ha ) , MM area during 2018    21-Apr-2018    7-May-2018   
MMR/FTY/A/18/05    Raising and first year maintenance of OB dump plantation in RKOCP ( 16 Ha ) and KKOCP ( 4 ha ) during 2018-20    21-Apr-2018    7-May-2018   
MMR/FTY/A/ 18/07,08 and 10    rRaising and first year maintenance of block plantations in Small patches in MmM and bellampalli towns, under high tension powerlines in RKPOCP and in RF land near Santhikhani during 2018-20    26-Apr-2018    11-May-2018   


SRP/FTY/A/S-74/10    Removal of weeds in and around the RF plantations and clearing the surrounding area along NH 63 and SH1 for face lifting the RF area of Mining leases of SRP area during the year 2018    19-Apr-2018    26-Apr-2018   
SRP/FTY/H/S-004/13    Development of 250 Nos. of potted plants in Srirampur area during the year 2018    19-Apr-2018    4-May-2018   
SRP/FTY/A/STPP/07/12    Raising and First year maintenance of Avenue plantation along the internal roads (5KMs) of town ship in STPP Area 2018-20    19-Apr-2018    4-May-2018   
SRP/FTY/A/S-75/11    A.Clearance, Uprootal of miscellaneous growth of the area and removal of the uprooted material from proposed plantation of 2018. B.Digging of Continuous Contour Peripheral Trench (CCPT) of 2m X2m for all proposed plantation area at SRP OC.    19-Apr-2018    26-Apr-2018