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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


MNG/FTY/A/07, Dt.06-06-2018    in small patches (15.0 Ha) in colony areas and other vacant areas and Revisiting of old block plantation (5.0 Ha) in small patches in colony areas and other vacant areas in Manuguru area during the year 2018-20.    6-Jun-2018    20-Jun-2018   
MNG/FTY/A/05, and MNG/FTY/A/06, Dt.31-05-2018    Raising 1st year maintenance of OB plantation and seed sowing on the OB dumps of OC-II and OC-IV extension project, Manuguru area during 2018-2020. Revisiting of old OB dump area of PKOC in Manuguru in 10 Ha during the year 2018-19.    2-Jun-2018    18-Jun-2018   


SRP/FTY/A/S-75(i)/19    Raising and First year maintenance of miscellaneous block plantation in the proposed area (24 Ha) and OB plantation (6Ha) at the vacant land and external dump of SRP OC of Srirampur area during 2018-20    11-Jun-2018    26-Jun-2018