Methods of Evaluation

Corporate tenders costing above Rs. 50 lakhs:
Tenders are called on e-procurement platform under double packet system, i.e., the bidders are required to submit both technical & price bids. Technical bids of all participated bidders will be opened on due date and evaluated against eligibility criteria. Price bid of only those tenderers who are found qualified in technical bid will be opened.
For all tenders (except EPC/rate column blank tenders where bidder has to quote his own lump sum price/ individual item rates), 5% ceiling on tender premium is fixed.
Tender will be finalised in favour of L1 bidder. If L1 bidder bids for below (-) 25% on the estimated cost, the bidder is required to pay Addl. FSD for performance of the contract.
Area tenders costing up to Rs. 50.00 Lakhs:
Tenders costing above Rs. 2.00 Lakhs are called on e-procurement platform under single packet system. Both technical & price bids are opened on the same due date. Here also, 5% ceiling on tender premium is fixed. (except rate column blank tenders). Tender finalisation is similar to the procedure detailed in pre-para.
Unit rate Tenders :
Lottery will be conducted among the intending bidders on due date and tender will be awarded to the lottery winner.