S.No Description
1 Spares of Tata Hitachi equipment on rate contract for 2 years.
2 Tooth Points for EX 1900 Shovels on Rate Contract.
3 Spares for PC 450 Excavators RC On Proprietary basis.
4 Spares for L and T loaders.
5 Spares for PC 1250 and PC 2000 Hydraulic Excavators.
6 Procurement of Spares for Dumpers and PC 1250 PC 2000 Excavater.
7 Spares for BEML 7820 Dragline under RC Basis.
8 Carlesle make Brake parts for BEML Dumpers RC For 2 years.
9 Cutting Edgesfor Motors Graders.
10 Simplex Chains for Atlas Copco Feeder Brakers.
11 Procurement of Delco reny Self Starter and alternator.
12 Cutter Picks for Altan copco and Elecon Feeder Breakers.
13 CAT Spares for Period of 2 Years RC Basis.
14 Procurement of Rotary drill bits, Adoptors for Jumbo drills on RC Basis for 2 years.
15 Procurement of HDPE Spares for BG Panels RC Basis period of 2 years.
16 Procurement of Indijgenious Electrical Spares for BG LHDs Jumbo drills on RC For Period of 2 years.
17 Procurement of Hydraulic Cylinders Suspensions under Unit Exchange Scheme on RC For Period of 2 years.
18 Repairs of Power Distribution Transformers.
19 Procurement of Coal Drill Machine.
20 Procurement of Energy meters for Data Meters for Data Captering.
21 VCBS For Capacitor Banks.
22 Procurement of Lighting Transformers.
23 Procurement of Power Distribution Transformers.
24 Procurement of Exploders.
25 Procurement of Gas Circuit Breakers.
26 Procurement of Leyland Engine Spares.
27 Procurement of Tata Spares.
28 Procurement of Special Electrodes.
29 Rate Contract Sand.
30 Procurement of Conveyor Roller Kits.
31 Procurement of 40T Trailer.
32 Procurement of 150mm RBH Drills.
33 Procurement of Sound Level Meters.
34 Procurement of Blast Monitoring Sesismograph.
35 Procurement of Oxygen Hand Pump.
36 Procurement of Resusciator.
37 Procurement of Tyres for 100T Dumpers.
38 Procurement of Tyres for 60T Dumpers.
39 Procurement of Dust Guash Respirators Ear Plugs.
40 Procurement of Flexco make Belt Fosteners.
41 Procurement of Universal Testing equipment.
42 Procurement of Safety Items.
43 Procurement of Battery Chargers.
44 Out Sourcing of Electrical Maintanance Works
45 Procurement of ACSR Condoctor.
46 Procurement of Flood light Fittings.
47 Supply of Fluoroscent Tubes on RC Basis for a period of 2 Years.
48 Supply of Hessian Cloth.
49 AMC for RO Plant.
50 Procurement of Above 85mm Dia Bore Bearings.
51 Procurement of Upto 85mm Dia Bore Bearings.
52 Supply 0f Miners Shoes On RC Basis for a period of 3 Years.
53 Procurement of Ceiling Fans.
54 Procurement of Coal with Longwall on cost per ton basis at KTK No.5 Incline, Bhupalapalli Area.
55 Production of Coal with Continuous miner Techology on costy per ton basis at Kondapur UGM,MNG Area.
56 HIring of Mine Cruisers for ALP Area.
57 Extraction of Coal On Cost per Ton Basis with Continues Miner Technology at PVK 5 Incline.
58 Airshaft Sinking KTK-3 Incline.
59 Procurement of Sorbitan Mono Oleate.
60 Procurement of Soyalecthin.
61 Procurement of AL Lumps for SMS Plant.
62 Procurement of LDC NON -AL LCD Explosives Accessories.
63 Service Maintanance of SMS Plant RGM.
64 Service Maintanance of SMS Plant MNG Area.
65 Procurement of BG Explsives.
66 Long Range Electronic total stations.
67 End o Tipplers.
68 Various sizes of Cast iron valves.
69 Procurement of Hand GPS.
70 Procurement of Hydraulic Puller Jacks.
71 Procurement of Furniture.
72 Procurement of 150mm Dia Heavy Duty Pipe to Adriyala Project
73 Testing of Resin and Cement Capsule as per DGMS Circulars.
74 Procurement of HSD Oil to use at all HEMM Equipments working in OCPs.
75 Procurement of Motor Sprit.
76 Procurement of 1000 TPH Roll Sizers.
77 Procurement of PWWLS for SRP CHP.
78 Procurement of 44" Plotters.
79 Procurement of GYM work Stations.
80 Procurement of Firewall for Goleti.
81 Procurement of Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) Devices.
82 EPABX Systems for RG-OC III. PH-II S.C.Polytechnic and Manuguru Area.
83 Procurement of VOIP Telephone Sets.
84 Procurement of Backup and recovers Software for Blade Servers.
85 Procurement of "Visual mod flow" Software
86 Procurement of HP Printers and Canon Printer Toner Catridges on RC Basis.
87 Supply of 1000 FPS Digital Camera to RD Department.
88 Awarding AMC For 137 nos of Various Models of Laptops for a period of 2 years.
89 Renewal of Antivirus Software CC TVs for use at our SCCL Hospitals and Singareni Colliries Educational Society.
90 POB for Civil Constructions.
91 POB for RK OCP Area.
92 Naini Bore holes.
93 Procurement of 40, 60, 87, 150 HP Haulers (Mechanicals)
94 Procurement of 125, 250 KW, 1000mm Belt wedth Conveyors.
95 Procurement of 250 KW, 475 KW,1200 mm Belt Wedth Conveyors.
96 Procurement of FLP GEBs 75HP 200 A 550V.
97 Procurement of NDT For CHPs.
98 Procurement of 7.5 HP Submersal Pumps for use at JVR OC.
99 Procurement of 15HP, 40HP,75HP Centrifugal Pumps.
100 Procurement of 125HP, 190HP,Centrifugal Pumps.
101 Procurement of 240HP, 350HP,Centrifugal Pumps.
102 Procurement of ECG Machines, ECG Analysers and Defibrillators for use at our Hospitals.
103 Procurement of Shadow less lights for use at our Hospitals.
104 Procurement of Sterilisers and Bronchoscope for use at our Hospitals.
105 Procurement of Ventilators and Pulse Oxymeters for use at our Hospitals Period of 3 Years.
106 Procurement of Bed Side Monitors for use at our Hospitals with 3 years warranty and 7 Years CMC.
107 Procurement of Anaesthesia Work Stations (Boyles Apparatus) for use at our Hospitals for use at our Hospitals with 3 Years warranty and 7 years CMC.
108 Procurement of Computerised Radiography (CR) Systems for use at our Hospitals with 3 years warranty and CMC.
109 Procurement of Orthopeadic equipment.
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