S.No Description
1 Operation Theater Equipment.
2 Orthopaedic Equipment
3 Dental Equipments.
4 Medical Gas Rate Contract.
5 Laboratory Items.
6 Procurement of Various Sizes of MS GI Pipes.
7 Procurement of Various Sizes of MS Block Pipes.
8 End on Tippers.
9 Hydraulic Puller Jacks.
10 Procurement of Furnitures.
11 Magnesite Fettling Mass.
12 Procurement of Oxygen Hand Pump.
13 Procurement of Pump, Oxygen Dauster
14 Procurement of Resusciator.
15 Procurement of CO2 DCP Fire Extinguishers.
16 Procurement of Sound level meters.
17 Procurement of 1.1 KV PVC SWA Cables.
18 30 V-100AH Switch Tripping Devices.
19 Repairs of Power Distribution Transformers.
20 Procurement of Capacitor Banks.
21 Procurement of Coal Drill M/cs.
22 Procurement of Steam Jet Cleaning Machine.
23 Extraction of Coal With Longwall Technology at KTK-5.
24 Procurement of PWTLS For BHPL.
25 Aadhaar enabled Biometric Attendance system (AEBAS) Devices.
26 Procurement of Firewall.
27 SAP HW For SAP Data Center.
28 Procurement of LHDs 3.Cum Capacity.
29 Procurement of SDLs/Low Height Extra Low Height..
30 Design, Supply and Commissioning of High Angle conveyors.
31 Third Party Sampling Analysis of coal supplied to non regulated sector at various dispatch points of SCCL on service rate contract
32 Airshaft Sinking IK 1A Incline.
33 Air Shaft Sinking KTK-3 Incline.
34 Installation Commission of Mono rail System at ALP.
35 Procurement of LDC NON- AL LCD Explosives Accessories.
36 Procurement of AL Lumps for SMS Plant.
37 Procurement of 1000 TPH Roll Sizers.
38 EPABX Systems for RG-COIII.Ph-II and S.C Polytechnic and Manuguru Area.
39 Repair (or) replacement of Parts / items of Tadiranmaks EPABX (800 Lines) Systems.
40 Recoh make Printer Catridges on RC Basis.
41 AMC for EPABX Systemat Different areas.
42 Procurement of VOIP Telephone Sets.
43 Procurement of Backup and recovers Software for Blade servers.
44 Procurement of Liquid CO2 Gas.
45 Procurement of 40 HP Air Compressors.
46 Procurement of 300 CubicFeet for minit Air Compressor.
47 Procurement ot 150mm dia Heavy Duty Pipe to Adriyala Project.
48 Procurement of 3D Scanner to use in Survey department.
49 Spares for BEML 7820 Dragline Under RC Basis.
50 Flight Bars Assly for for BEL 500 TPH Feeder Breaker.
51 Procurement of Spares for Dumpers and PC 1250 PC 2000 Excavater.
52 Eimco Elecon Spares for 1 Year RC Basis.
53 Procurement of Man Riding Chairlift System Spares on RC Basis.
54 Procurement of Coal Tubs on RC Basis for a period of 2 Years.
55 Procurement of Plastic Pedastals for Coal Tubs on RC Basis
56 Procurement of Seal Kits for Hydraulic Rams.
57 Procurement of Coal Tubs 56.25 Cft Low Height 67.5 Cft Coal Tubs.
58 Procurement of 6000 Hr Transmissions overall.
59 Procurement of ofen Emico Elecon Spares for period of 2 Years.
60 CAT Spares for Period of 2 Years RC Basis.
61 Procurement of Ex-kborn Spares for 2 Years RC Basis.
62 Procurement of ACSR Conductors.
63 Procurement of Flood Light Fittings.
64 Supply of Fluoroscent Tubes on RC Basis for a period of 2 years.
65 Out Sourcing of Electrical Maintanence of RC Basis for a period of 3 years.
66 Procurement of NDT For CHPs.
67 AMC For 02 Transfer Pumps (MRS)
68 Procurement of 7.5 HP Submersal Pumps.
69 Procurement of Iron Steel.
70 Procurement of Spares for Demolition Hammers On RC Basis.
71 Procurement of Cable Vulcanising Machines.
72 Procurement of 40T Trailler.
73 Procurement of 12T Mobile Cranes.
74 Procurement of 3T and 5T Forklifts.
75 Procurement of Total Stations.
76 Testing of Resin and Cement Capsule as per DGMS Circulars.
77 Procurement of Various Sizes of HDPE Pipes.
78 Procurement of Electrical Safety Items On Rate Contract Basis.
79 Refilling of Gas for STPP.
80 Refilling Chlorine Gas for STPP.
81 Procurement of Detonating Fuse for 4 Months.
82 Procurement of AL Powder for 1 Year.
83 Procurement of 1200 TPH Plough Feeders.
84 Procurement of Wire Rope Slings.
85 Spares Electro Therm Indication Furnance.
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