Civil Tenders

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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


Corrigendum-2 to CRP/CVL/RG-III/TN-71/2019-20 Dt.06.11.2019    Construction of 2 Nos water dams and associated works at 3DN/59L (approachable from GDK 10A main incline) and 60LN/10D (approachable from ALP mine) in No.1 seam (underground), GDK-10 Incline for proposed GDK-10 OC Project, Adriyala Projects Area, Godavarikhani, Peddapalli Dist., Telangana State.    6-Nov-2019    12-Dec-2019   


CW/KGM/e-40/2019-20, Dt.09.12.2019    Providing Guest Room including toilet room etc., civil works to Qtr. No. BC-225 &|| 227 at Babu Camp area, Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State.    10-Dec-2019    27-Dec-2019   
CW/KGM/e-39/2019-20, Dt.26.11.2019    Repairs to sanitary lines for the quarters BC-122 to BC-146 (between 4th and 5th line) and BC-107 to BC-126(between 5th and 6th line) including repairs to septic tanks, writer basthi, Kothagudem corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State.    27-Nov-2019    12-Dec-2019   


CW/RD/URS-32/2019-20    Deployment of Contract Labour (Semi Skilled 730 Nos &|| Un Skilled 2190 Nos for Maintenance of JVROCP Guest House at Sathupally ,Kothagudem area for 12 Months Period.    3-Dec-2019    11-Dec-2019   
CW/RD/e-61/2019-20    Comprehensive civil works to MRS office building in 3-Incline, Kothagudem area.    9-Dec-2019    24-Dec-2019   
CW/RD/e-60/2019-20    Miscellaneous civil works such as replacing damaged water pipe line, Jungle cutting, Replacement of Damaged AC sheets at GKOC CHP office, Repairs of drain at GKOC CHP, Rudrampur, Kothagudem Area.    9-Dec-2019    24-Dec-2019   
CW/RD/e-59/2019-20    Labour charges for removal of spillage coal/debris along the track lines or from side drains including transportation at RCHP, Kothagudem area for the year 2019-20.    26-Nov-2019    11-Dec-2019   


YLD/CVL/eT-39/2019-20    Repairs / Renovation of existing TQ quarters to convert as Meditation Hall for Ramachandra Mission at JK colony, Yellandu.    20-Nov-2019    16-Dec-2019   
YLD/CVL/eT-38/2019-20    Dismantling, Laying &|| Jointing of 200mm Dia.HDPE pipe line at Pit-I, KOCP, Yellandu area.    28-Nov-2019    16-Dec-2019   
YLD/CVL/eT-41/2019-20    M &|| R and Other miscellaneous works for Singareni colony &|| Tadikalapudi wharf Loading, Yellandu area, for the year 2019- 20.    30-Nov-2019    18-Dec-2019   


MNG/CVL/TN-53,TN-54/2019-20    1.M and R works to A and B type quarters, Public buildings, roads and Sanitary lines etc at Bungalows area, P.V.Colony in Manuguru area, Bhadradri Kothagudem (DT),TS. 2.M and R works to old C type quarters public buildings, roads and sanitary lines etc in old C type quarters at Bungalows in Manuguru area, Bhadradri Kothagudem (DT),TS.    3-Dec-2019    24-Dec-2019   
MNG/CVL/TN-52/2019-20    Providing barbed wire fencing around the premises of Court of Judicial Magistrate of First class in Manuguru area,Bhadradri Kothagudem (DT), TS.    21-Nov-2019    12-Dec-2019   
MNG/CVL/UT-21UT-22/2019-20    1.Supply of 3 nos Unskilled female mazdoors to meet immediate shortage of Ayahs till permanent recruitment is made in Area Hospital, PV colony for two years period in Manuguru area, Bhadradri Kothagudem (DT), TS. 2.Operation and maintenance of 1.5MLD Sewage treatment plant (STP) &|| Sewage collection sumps in P.V.Colony for the year 2020-21 &|| 2021-22 (for 2 years period) in Manuguru area, Bhad    29-Nov-2019    16-Dec-2019   


RG.I/CVL/E/T-113,114,115,116,117/2019-20    1.M&||R works to Sanitary lines to A, B, C, NB, NC, and Chummery type of quarters at Sector-I 2.M &|| R works to D-type quarters (From Plot No.1 to 4) at Sector-I 3.Re-organisation / Replacement of existing damaged water supply lines at Sector-I 4.M&||R works to A, B and C-Type quarters at Power House Colony at Sector-I 5.M&||R works to NC-Type quarters at Power House Colony and MC type quarters a    3-Dec-2019    17-Dec-2019   
RG.I/CVL/E/T-109,110/2019-20    1.Supply of Pit materials like fly ash bricks (size 300x200x150mm ) to GDK-1&||3 and GDK-2&||2A Incline in RG.I Area, GDK. 2.Supply of Pit materials like fly ash bricks (size 300x200x150mm ) to GDK-11 Incline in RG.I Area, GDK    3-Dec-2019    17-Dec-2019   
RG.I/CVL/E/T-118/2019-20    Filling of O.B material in intake shaft, return shaft &|| incline entries of GDK.5 incline in RG.I Area, GDK    5-Dec-2019    16-Dec-2019   
RG.I/CVL/E/T-104,105,106,107/2019-20    1.Repairs to valve chambers including re-construction of damaged collapsed valve chambers at RGI area GDK 2.MandR works and miscellaneous civil works to GM Office and other public buildings at Sector 3.MandR works to D type quarters from Plot No5 to 8 at SectorI 4.Providing Misc civil works such as laying of damaged CC roads and Arch works at Sharadanagar Colony    28-Nov-2019    13-Dec-2019   


RG2/CVL/UT-57/2019-20    Supply of 2000 nos. contract labour for attending miscellaneous works at offices and mines for the year 2019-20 at Rg-II area , Godavarikhani , Dist: Peddapalli, Telangana State.    7-Dec-2019    16-Dec-2019   
RG2/CVL/ET-53-54-55-56/2019-20    Maintenance and Repair works to T1 &|| T2 type quarters at Zone-II at 8 Incline colony , Rg-II area, Godavarikhani, Dist. Peddapalli, Telangana State.    27-Nov-2019    16-Dec-2019   


RG-III/CVL/T-79/2019-20    Repairs to existing check posts at RG-III Area.    2-Dec-2019    17-Dec-2019   
RG-III/CVL/T-76/2019-20    Maintenance and alied jobs of filter beds at Ph-I,site office OCP-I RG-III Area for the year of 2019-20 and 2020-21.    7-Dec-2019    21-Dec-2019   
APA/CVL/T-73/19-20    Supply of pit materials like fly-ash bricks,metal and sand at punch entry mouth of ALP section,Adriyala projects Area.    27-Nov-2019    12-Dec-2019   
RG-III/CVL/T-77/2019-20    Periodical cleaning of mud accumulated washing platform and ETP at base work shop OCP-I RG-III Area for the year 2019-20.    29-Nov-2019    13-Dec-2019   
RG-III/CVL/T-75/2019-20    M&||R works to C2, SC2, T2 and ST2type quarters in CNC, RG-III Area.    29-Nov-2019    13-Dec-2019   
RG-III/CVL/T-78/2019-20    Repairs to existing shed in SME section at OCP-II RG-III Area.    30-Nov-2019    16-Dec-2019   


BPA/CVL/EP-44/2019-20    Maintenance of filter beds at Goleti township for the years 2019-21 (Two years) in Bellampalli Area, Kumrambheem-Asifabad District., Telangana State.    11-Dec-2019    27-Dec-2019   


MMR/CVL/E-RKPT/T-87/2019-20    Repairs and extension of rooms for storage of Bio-Medical wastage, Area Hospital, Ramakrishnapur, Mandamarri area.    3-Dec-2019    17-Dec-2019   
MMR/CVL/E-MM/T-86,88/2019-20    1. M&||R works to B and NC type quarters at Mandamarri area for the year 2019-20. 2. Repairs to Mining supervisors rooms at KK-5 incline, Mandamarri area.    5-Dec-2019    20-Dec-2019   
MMR/CVL/E-MM/T-89/2019-20    Miscellaneous civil works such as compound wall rising in between sub-station and SMTC, back sides drain formation and other miscellaneous civil works at SIMTAR building, Mandamarri area.    10-Dec-2019    24-Dec-2019   


CW/SRP/79 80/19-20    4) Construction of CC platform for stacking Iron &|| Steel material at Area stores in Srirampur area. 5) Maintenance and repair works to D, SD and C type quarters at SRP colony in Srirampur area.    29-Nov-2019    16-Dec-2019   
CW/SRP/76,77 78/19-20    1) Widening of existing BT road from NH-63 to PO office Junction at SRP-OCP in SRP area. 2) Laying of B.T internal roads for P.O, Manager office rooms, Lamp cabin, Canteen, Rest Hall, Man way office and cycle sheds at IK-1A Incline in SRP area. 3)Laying of Cement concrete road for coal bunker at IK-1A incline in SRP area.    29-Nov-2019    16-Dec-2019   
CW/SRP/81/19-20    1. Providing False ceiling, electrical wiring and miscellaneous works to the club house of Yellandu club in Bungalows area, Srirampur area, Mancherial (Dist), T.S.    30-Nov-2019    16-Dec-2019