Civil Tenders

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Corrigendum to CRP/CVL/SRP/TN-14/2018-19, Dt. 07.05.2018    Providing foundation beds for drive heads, tail end drums and loop take ups & providing sheds for drive heads and electrical equipments and construction of earth pits for conveyors from Inpit crushers to Wagon loading system at SRP-OCP in Srirampur area, Mancherial Dist., Telangana State.    7-May-2018    29-May-2018   
CRP/CVL/YLD/TN-15/2018-19 dt.09.05.2018    Supplying, laying and jointing of 250 mm dia DI pipe line from Railway gate to JK colony filterbed at JK5 OCP, Yellandu area, Bhadradri Kothagudem Dist. T.S.    9-May-2018    24-May-2018   
CW/KGM/e-07/2018-19    M & R works to Section No.5K i.e., Employment exchange office building, detached C-type quarters near Nageswara Talkies (1 to 10), Teachers quarters (1 to 13), T2 type quarters (1 to 5 Blocks – 40 Nos.,) and Barrack C type quarters (165 to 271) at Babu camp area, Kothagudem Corporate for the year 2018-19, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State.    11-May-2018    25-May-2018   
CRP/CVL/KGM/TN-17/2018-19    Laying of Cement Concrete roads and side drains including CD works at R&R site, Ayyagaripeta, Sathupalli, Khammam Dist. T.S.    18-May-2018    6-Jun-2018   
CRP/CVL/SRP/TN-18/2018-19, Dt. 19.05.2018    Construction of Managers office building at IK 1A incline in Srirampur area, Mancherial dist, Telangana State.    19-May-2018    2-Jun-2018   
CRP/CVL/BHP/TN-16/2018-19    Construction of Stores shed (2 nos) at KTK OC-II, Bhupalpally, Jayashankar Bhupalpally District, Telangana State    19-May-2018    4-Jun-2018   
CRP/CVL/COR/TN-19/2018-19    Construction of additional class rooms for women’s degree college, junior college and library room at S.C. Women’s college, Kothagudem Corp. Bhadradri Kothagudem Dist. Telangana state    21-May-2018    6-Jun-2018   


CW/RD/e-16/2018-19    M & R and other miscellaneous works to GM Office, Kothagudem Area for one year period i.e., 2018-19.    21-May-2018    5-Jun-2018   
CW/RD/e-18/2018-19    Repairs to the 30 Nos. 100T PHD Lorry Loading Bunkers and 2 No’s Wagon Loading Bunkers at RCHP, Kothagudem Area.    21-May-2018    5-Jun-2018   
CW/RD/e-17/2018-19    Extension of Cement Concrete M- 35 Design Mix coal Transportation road from 60 T Weigh Bridge to old High Way at PVK Admittance of RCHP. Kothagudem Area.    21-May-2018    5-Jun-2018   


YLD/CVL/eT-06/2018-19    Shifting of Sub-station to Pit-I, KOCP, Yellandu.    21-May-2018    4-Jun-2018   
YLD/CVL/eT-05/2018-19    Strengthening of the existing asphalt road from GM office junction to Area Hospital Junction at old area, Yellandu, by providing cement concrete berm    21-May-2018    4-Jun-2018   
YLD/CVL/eT-04/2018-19    De-sludging of Septic Tanks at Old & JK Colonies and at Sulabh Toilet complexes at Yellandu area.    21-May-2018    4-Jun-2018   


MNG/CVL/TN-08/2018-19    Modification of the stage in Bhadradri stadium, CER club, P.V Colony, Manuguru, Bhadradri Kothegudem Dist, Telangana    11-May-2018    28-May-2018   
MNG/CVL/TN-07/2018-19    Providing cable drain, rain water drain, junction improvement at SMS plant, Manuguru, Bhadradri Kothegudem Dist, Telangana    11-May-2018    28-May-2018   
MNG/CVL/TN-11/2018-19    Modification to the existing gear head bed including shed and other connected miscellaneous works for No.1 belt conveyor at PKOC-IV, Manuguru, Bhadradri Kothegudem Dist, Telangana    23-May-2018    7-Jun-2018   
MNG/CVL/TN-12/2018-19    Repairs to compound wall & other Misc works for Laboratory at SMS plant in connection with capacity enhancement and technology up-gradation of SMS support plant, Manuguru, Bhadradri Kothegudem Dist, Telangana    23-May-2018    7-Jun-2018   
MNG/CVL/TN-09/2018-19    Conversion of open shed into rooms in area workshop, Manuguru, Bhadradri Kothegudem Dist, Telangana    23-May-2018    7-Jun-2018   
MNG/CVL/TN-14/2018-19    M&R works for storied ‘C’ type quarters, public buildings and sanitary lines etc., at Bungalows area, P.V colony, Manuguru for the one year period i.e 2018-19, Manuguru, Bhadradri Kothegudem Dist, Telangana    23-May-2018    7-Jun-2018   
MNG/CVL/TN-13/2018-19    Replacement of damaged doors and windows in quarters of P.V Colony, Manuguru, Bhadradri Kothegudem Dist, Telangana    23-May-2018    7-Jun-2018   
MNG/CVL/TN-10/2018-19    Providing shotcreting, structural rehabilitation grouting & arresting leakages to the elevated tanks at Area Hospital and pilot colony, Manuguru, Bhadradri Kothegudem Dist, Telangana    23-May-2018    7-Jun-2018   


RGI/CVL/T-30/2018-19,Dt.11.05.2018    Transportation of Garbage from Public buildings,mines areas etc., at RG.I.Area, Gdk.    11-May-2018    4-Jun-2018   
RGI/CVL/T-22.T-23,T-24,T-25,T-26/2018-19    1.M&R works at bungalows area. 2.M&R works to T2–Type( 1-300 ) quarters at power house colony. 3.M&R works to GDK-1 CSP. 4.Manitanance of filter beds at GDK-11 incline. 5.Special repairs to ST-2 SC-2 Type quarters in RG.I area,GDK.    11-May-2018    25-May-2018   
RGI/CVL/T-29/2018-19,Dt.11.05.2018    Operation and maintenance of STP at Area Hospital in Rg.I Area,Gdk(Two years).    11-May-2018    28-May-2018   
RGI/CVL/T-27/2018-19    Dismantling and laying of pump delivery lines (MS & HDPE) For the year 2018-19 at MOCP in RG.I Area, GDK.    16-May-2018    2-Jun-2018   


Rg2/CVL/ET-13 and 14/2018-19    Modifications and extension of existing shed for accommodating transformers including repairs to CC platform at water filling point at Peddampet pump shed at OCP-III EP-II at Rg-II area, Godavarikhani, Dist. Peddapalli, Telangana State    12-May-2018    30-May-2018   


RG-III/CVL/T-14/2018-19    Miscellaneous civil works at CHP substation OCP-I, RG-III area.    10-May-2018    31-May-2018   
RG-III/CVL/T-15/2018-19    Renovation and repairs to SEWA building at Centenary colony, RG-III area.    14-May-2018    2-Jun-2018   
RG-III/CVL/URS/T-16/18-19    Supply of one contractor’s labour for housekeeping works of GM’s banglow at 8Inc. Colony,    17-May-2018    24-May-2018   
RG-III/CVL/URS/T-17/18-19    Supply of contractors labour for picking of Shale/stone and other foreign material from coal conveyors at OCM-I, RG-III area    19-May-2018    24-May-2018   
RG-III/CVL/T-18/2018-19    M & R works at Surface and Quarry structures at OCP-I, RG-III area.    22-May-2018    8-Jun-2018   


MMR/CVL/E-MM/T-14/18-19    Construction of conference Hall at GM’s office at Mandamarri Area. Mancherial District, Telangana State    12-May-2018    28-May-2018   
MMR/CVL/E-MM/T-09,16,17,18/18-19    1. Repair works for GAS godown at somagudem, Mandamarri area. 2. Repair to damaged compound wall at Q. No. DSB-1 at KK-2 bungalows, Mandamarri area. 3. Repair to damaged varandah grills in A type and Spl A type quarters at KK-2 and KK-5 bungalows Mandamarri area. 4. Repairs to damaged flooring with tiles in A-type and Spl A type quarters at KK-2 and KK-5 bungalows, Mandamarri area.    19-May-2018    28-May-2018   


CW/SRP/12,/18-19    Providing approach ramp for installation of Electronic in motion weigh bridge at SRP-CHP in Srirampur area, Mancherial Dist , T.S.    9-May-2018    31-May-2018   
CW/SRP/16,1718/18-19    1)Cleaning of water tanks of Spl A,A,B,C,C2 type qtrs & public building & Cleaning of water tanks of various colonies in Srp 2)M &R works to Pit mouth buildings and other . miscellaneous work at SRP-OCP 3)Construction of Weigh bridge room for electronic in motion Weigh bridge at SRP-CHP    9-May-2018    25-May-2018   
CW/SRP/13,1415,/18-19    1)Providng water proofing treatment with synthetic HDPE membrane felt over roof slabs of building at CCC & RK-5 colony in Srp. 2)Construction of shed for electrical switches and pumps near washing platform at SRP-OCP 3)Providing post construction Anti-termite treatment to quarters and public bldg in colonies of Srp.    9-May-2018    25-May-2018   
CW/SRP/19,/18-19    Laying of WBM Approach road to proposed Air shaft at IK-1A incline in Srirampur area, Mancherial Dist, T.S.    12-May-2018    28-May-2018   
CW/SRP/24/18-19    1)Supply of Contract labour to RK7 Group of mines ( RK7,RKNT & RK8 mines) for attending miscellaneous works in Srirampur area, Manchirial (DT),TS.    15-May-2018    29-May-2018   
CW/SRP/20,21,2223,/18-19    1)M&R of filter beds at RK5 ,cleaning of water tanksfor a period of 2 years in SRP 2)M&R various Public buildings in SRP 3)M&R of filter beds at RK6, cleaning of water tanks for a period of 2 years in SRP 4)Laying and dismantling of pipe lines in quarry and surface at SRP-OCP in SRP.    15-May-2018    31-May-2018