Civil Tenders

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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


CRP/CVL/SRP/TN-07/2017-18 Dt.08.05.2017    Track Renewals / Repairs to Railway siding at SRP CHP in Yard portion and Other misc. works at Srirampur Area, Mancherial Dist, Telangana state.    8-May-2017    30-May-2017   
CRP/CVL/SRP/TN-08/2017-18 Dt.08.05.2017    Combined tender for 1.Construction of Buildings like Community hall,Anganwadi center,Shopping complex cum post office,Primary school, Gram panchayat office,Primary health center including water supply & electrical items,Const of Main drain & water supply lines 2.Laying of Internal CC roads & drains along with CD works at R&R Guttedarpally site near Naspur colony,Srirampur Area,Mancherial Dist,TS    8-May-2017    30-May-2017   
CRP/CVL/STPP/TN-09/2017-18 Dt.    Supply of Permanent Way material, Linking of Railway track, Rail welding, Construction of Ballastless Track (for POL Siding), fixing of rails on track-hopper and allied works for the proposed Railway line for evacuation of coal from SRP & RKP group of mines to STPP, Jaipur (V&M), Mancherial District, Telangana State    13-May-2017    30-May-2017   
CVL/KGM/UT-04/2017-18    Providing Offices maintenance works (including court yard portions and toilets) at Quality Management Office, Transport office, Civil dept., office, S & PC office, Main Workshop and Old estates office for two years i.e., 2017-18 & 2018-19.    19-May-2017    25-Jun-2017   


CW/RD/e-03/2017-18    Repairs to the existing clean water chambers, pump house and reorganization of connected pipe lines at 2 Incline filter beds, Ramavaram, Kothagudem Area.    12-May-2017    29-May-2017   
CW/RD/URS-03/2017-18    Operation and Maintenance of day to day water supply, pumping mains, distribution system and plumbing works including misc., masonry and carpentry works at Ramavaram, 3-Incline Bungalows area, 3 & 4 Incline area at Kothagudem Area for TWO years Period i.e. for 2017-18 and 2018-19.    24-May-2017    30-May-2017   


YLD/CVL/eT-03/2017-18    M&R and other misc works for O-3 section, i.e., for mines & office buildings etc at Old area, Yellandu, for the year 2017-18    22-May-2017    5-Jun-2017   


MNG/CVL/TN-07/2017-18    Fabrication And Erection of pump sheds and Labour charges for Laying and dismantling pipe line at MNG OCP Manuguru, Bhadradri kothagudem District. Telangana State    18-May-2017    7-Jun-2017   
CW/MNG/UT-06/2017-18    Civic maintenace works at Kunavaram area, for 2 years period ie., 2017-2020, manuguru    24-May-2017    31-May-2017   


RG.I/CVL/T-30/2017-18,03.05.2017    Supply of unskilled contract labour on material transport lorry at MOCP in Rg.I Area,Gdk.    3-May-2017    29-May-2017   
RG1/CVL/E/T-35,36,37/2017-18    1)M and R works to sanitary lines in zone-c (T2-Quarters, Tilak nagar) at Sector-II ,2)M and R works to sanitary lines to D-type quarters at Sector-I,3)M and R works to sanitary lines to A,B,C,NB,NC,,,, type of quarters at Sector-I in RG.I area, GDK.    19-May-2017    2-Jun-2017   
RG.I/CVL/T-38/2017-18,Dt.23.05.2017    Providing Semi skilled contract workmen at Area Workshop in Rg.I Area,Gdk.    23-May-2017    5-Jun-2017   


Rg2/CVL/UT-11/2017-18,Dt,24-05-2017    Supply of 2000 Nos contract labour for attending misc. works at offices and mines at Rg-II area, Godavarikhani.    24-May-2017    31-May-2017   
RG.2/CVL/ET-12,13 14/2017-18    Providing Chain link mesh around Reject Coal yard, G-13 coal yard near Old store and along Coal Corridor Road near OCP-III, at Rg-2 area, Godavarikhani, Peddapalli Dist. Telangana State.    24-May-2017    12-Jun-2017   
RG.2/CVL/ET-15/2017-18    Maintenance and Repair works and other misc. works to ST2 quarters- 20 Blocks (each block of 8 units) Phase-IV at 8 Incline colony, Godavarikhani, Peddapalli Dist. Telangana State.    26-May-2017    19-Jun-2017   


RG-III/CVL/T-09/17-18.    Pre-monsoon and during monsoon works at OCP-I, RG-III area.    11-May-2017    2-Jun-2017   
RG-III/CVL/T-10/17-18.    Replacement of damaged vertical girders at reciprocating feeders of SILO of CHP, OCP-I, RG-III area.    12-May-2017    2-Jun-2017   
APA/CVL/T-12/17-18    Construction of Hauler shed at Adriyala Long wall project, Adriyala Projects Area    19-May-2017    2-Jun-2017   
APA/CVL/T-08/17-18.    Construction of shed for FSV stores at Adriyala Long wall project, Adriyala Projects Area.    19-May-2017    2-Jun-2017   
APA/CVL/T-11/17-18.    Construction of shed over chairlift system, Phase-II at Adriyala Long wall project, APA area.    19-May-2017    2-Jun-2017   
RG-III/CVL/URS/T-14/17-18    Supply of masons and plumbers for attending day to day maintenance works at centenary colony,RG-III area for the year 2017-18&2018-19    20-May-2017    6-Jun-2017   
APA/CVL/T-13/17-18    Construction of Electrical shed for CODCO belts at Adriyala Long wall project, Adriyala Projects Area.    24-May-2017    8-Jun-2017   


MMR/CVL/E/T-14,15/17-18    1. M&R works to pit moth buildings at Mines and public buildings at Mandamarri township, Mandamarri area for the year 2017-18. 2. M&R works to D-type quarters at IInd zone Mandamarri area.    16-May-2017    30-May-2017