Civil Tenders

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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


CRP/CVL/RG-III/TN-35/2020-21 Dt.03.07.2020    Construction of compound wall for bifurcation of R&||R site and Bungalows area in Centenary colony, RG-III area, Godavarikhani, Peddapalli Dist., Telangana State.    3-Jul-2020    17-Jul-2020   


CW/RD/e-35/2020-21    M and R Works to water supply pipe line at Ramavaram 3 incline and 4 incline area, Kothagudem area for the year 2020-21.    6-Jul-2020    21-Jul-2020   
CW/RD/e-36/2020-21    Maintenance and allied jobs of 5-Incline and PVK 5B-Shaft Filter beds for two years period i.e., 2020-21 and 2021-2022 at Kothagudem area.    6-Jul-2020    21-Jul-2020   
CW/RD/e-34/2020-21    M and R works to D-type quarters DA,DB, and BK type at 10K area i.e, CRP Camp, Nehru Basthi, Ramavaram, Kothagudem area for the year 2020-21.    6-Jul-2020    21-Jul-2020   


YLD/CVL/eT-17/2020-21    M&||R and other misc. works to AMB, A, B,C2 type quarters (J1 section) at JK colony, Yellandu for the year 2020-21.    9-Jul-2020    15-Jul-2020   


MNG/CVL/UT-05,06/2020-21    1.Providing Housekeeping and allied services for buildings at 132KV Substation, Stores, Area Workshop &|| Coal Washery etc by deploying 11 nos unskilled mazdoors daily for a period of two years i.e 2020-21 &|| 2021-22 at Manuguru area Bhadradri Kothagudem (DT),TS 2.Deployment of 17 nos unskilled Mazdoors daily for attending day to day maintenance works for a period of 2 years i.e during 2020-21    3-Jul-2020    17-Jul-2020   


RG.I/CVL/E/T-34,35,36,37,38/2020-21    1.M and R works to A, NB, C type quarters at Sector-II 2.M and R works to T2 type quarters in Zone-C (from Q.No. 1001 to 1332) at Sector-II 3.M&||R works to sulabh toilets at Sector-II 4.Providing ceramic tile flooring in place of damaged flooring in A type, B type, NC type and C type and all other higher type quarters at Sector-I 5.Replacement of damaged doors and windows to D-type quarters at    4-Jul-2020    20-Jul-2020   
RG.I/CVL/E/T-39,40,41/2020-21    1.M&||R works to sanitary lines to D-Type quarters (from plot no. 1 to 4) at Sector-I 2.M&||R works to sanitary lines to D-Type quarters (from plot no. 5 to 8) at Sector-I 3.Repairs to existing hall including washrooms at Agent office of GDK-2 Incline    4-Jul-2020    20-Jul-2020   


Amendment to Rg2/CVL/ET-08/2020-21    Supply of pit materials like fly ash solid blocks of size 300x200x150 mm to Vakilpalli mine for the year 2020-21, Rg-II area, Godavarikhani, Dist. Peddapalli, Telangana State.    4-Jul-2020    20-Jul-2020   
Rg2/CVL/ET-17/2020-21    Replacement of damaged conveyor sections, bottom girders and walk way supports at C-9 &|| C-10 conveyor Gantry at OCP-III CHP , Rg-II area, Godavarikhani, Dist. Peddapalli, Telangana State.    26-Jun-2020    16-Jul-2020   


BPA/CVL/EP-19/2020-21    Maintenance and repairs to 200 mm dia. Raw water supply line from MVK-1 incline surface borehole pump to Madaram filterbed, Bellampalli area, Kumrambheem-Asifabad district, Telangana state.    10-Jul-2020    27-Jul-2020   
BPA/CVL/EP-18/2020-21    Dismantling, Laying and jointing of pipelines for dewatering operation in the quarry at Khairagura OCP for the year 2020-21 in Bellampalli Area, Kumrambheem-Asifabad District, Telangana State.    22-Jun-2020    21-Jul-2020   


MMR/CVL/E-MM/T-14/2020-21    supply of pit materials ( Fly ash bricks ) to Shanthikhani mine for the year 2020-21 at Mandamarri area Dist -Mancherial .TS, ( Re call-2)    1-Jul-2020    16-Jul-2020   
MMR/CVL/UT-23/2020-21    Deployment of qualified welders (4 Nos/ day) to Area work shop for a period of 1 year at Mandamarri area    3-Jul-2020    18-Jul-2020   
MMR/CVL/E-RKPT/T-22/2020-21    Replacement of damaged sanitary lines from Qtr. No: GD-1 to 384 at Ganga Colony, B-zone, Ramakrishnapur township, Mandamarri area.    4-Jul-2020    18-Jul-2020   
MMR/CVL/MM/UT-24/2020-21    Housekeeping works to PO Office building , service buildings , canteen building , CHP Complex of KKOCP at Mandamarri area for two years period (2020-21&||2021-22),in Mandamarri area , Mancherial Dist .TS    6-Jul-2020    13-Jul-2020   
MMR/CVL/E-MM/T-25/2020-21    M&||R works to D-type and T-type quarters at 1st zone (Group-II), Mandamarri area for the year 2020-21    7-Jul-2020    22-Jul-2020   
MMR/CVL/E-RKP/T-21/2020-21    Construction of ETP at RKOCP-CHP, Ramakrishnapur, Mandamarri area.    30-Jun-2020    14-Jul-2020   


CW/SRP/E-14TO E-20/T-19TOT-25/2020-21    1)General M&||R works to shirke qrtrs for the year 2020-21 at Naspur colony in Srp. 2)M&||R works to SD type qrtrs for the year 2020-21 at Naspur colony in Srp. 3)M&||R works to C,C2 type qrtrs for the year 2020-21 at Naspur colony in Srp. 4)M&||R works to A, B, C type qrtrs at CCC Township and RK-5 colony in Srp.    27-Jul-2020    20-Jul-2020   
CW/SRP/E-14TO E-20/T-19TOT-25/2020-21    5)M&||R works to KD, T, C2 type qrtrs, public buildings and other misc works at Krishna colony in Srp. 6)Supply of pit materials such as fly ash solid blocks of size 300X200X150mm to SRP-3 and 3A mine for the year 2020-21 in Srp. 7)Supply of pit materials such as supply, transport and stacking of fly ash solid blocks of size 300X200X150mm with compressive strength of 50kg/sqcm to SRP-1 mine f    27-Jun-2020    20-Jul-2020