Civil Tenders

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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


CRP/CVL/KGM/TN-41/2020-21    Providing open excavation and construction of inclined RCC Tunnel with segmental arch roof from (-)10 m level to (-)30 m level (i.e., below Ground Level) for PVK No. 5 Incline at Kothagudem area, Bhadradri Kothagudem Dist. T.S.    10-Sep-2020    25-Sep-2020   
CRP/CVL/STPP/TN-42/2020-21, Dated.16.09.2020    Miscellaneous civil works at Singareni Thermal Power Plant, Jaipur (V&||M), Mancherial District, Telangana for the year 2020-21    16-Sep-2020    5-Oct-2020   
CRP/CVL/MNG/TN-44/2020-21 Dated.16.09.2020    Construction of Skew type Double lane Road Bridge (13 vents of 9.50 m span) across Gorrepeta vagu on approach road to KPUG mine, Manuguru area, Bhadradri Kothagudem Dist., Telangana State    16-Sep-2020    7-Oct-2020   
CRP/CVL/TN-43/2020-21    Manufacturing and supply of clay pills at clay pills shed in old timber yard and supply of clay pills required to various underground mines in RG.I, RG.II, RG.III &|| ALP Areas of RG region for the years 2020-21 &|| 2021-22, Peddapally district, Telangana state    16-Sep-2020    30-Sep-2020   


CW/KGM/e-15/16/2020-21, Dt.09.09.2020    1.M &|| R works to Section No.1K i.e., Bungalows area for the year 2020-21 at Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State. 2.Providing anti termite treatment in offices and residential quarters for the year 2020 – 21 at Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State.    9-Sep-2020    25-Sep-2020   
CW/KGM/e-18/2020-21, Dt.15.09.2020    Arresting roof leakages by providing HDPE membrane felt for workmen quarters at Babu Camp, Burma Camp and Hospital areas, Kothagudem Corporate for the year 2020-21, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State    15-Sep-2020    22-Sep-2020   
CW/KGM/e-19/2020-21, Dt.17.09.2020    Construction of Substation room, civil works for lift and providing partitions in Second floor at Head office Building at Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State.    17-Sep-2020    3-Oct-2020   


YLD/CVL/eT-26/2020-21    Providing temporary shed to install transformers and switches for power supply to coal off loading contract camp of Ms LSN Minerals Pvt. Ltd. at Pit I, KOCP, Yellandu    20-Sep-2019    25-Sep-2020   


MNG/CVL/UT-16/2020-21    Deployment of One number unskilled mazdoor for a period of One year for maintenance and repair of EPABX system in Manuguru Area, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana state.    15-Sep-2020    23-Sep-2020   
MNG/CVL/UT-17/2020-21    Deployment of outsourcing manpower like Ward boys, Staff Nurses(ANM), Scavengers, X-Ray Technician and lab technician for additional Quarantine/Isolation wards for a period of Three months at Area Hospital, in Manuguru Area, Bhadradri Kothagudem (DT), TS    17-Sep-2020    22-Sep-2020   
MNG/CVL/TN-22/2020-21    Repairs to CC approach road of 60T Weight Bridge at KCHP in Manuguru Area, Bhadradri Kothagudem Dist, Telangana State.    21-Sep-2020    6-Oct-2020   


RG.I/CVL/E/T-69,70,71,72,73/2020-21    1.Replacement of damaged doors and windows for various quarters of A,B,C,NB,NC, BCH-type quarters at sector-II 2.Providing false ceiling and aluminum partitions, vitrified/ceramic tiled flooring for public buildings at Sector-I and Sector-II 3.M &|| R works to D-type quarters (From Plot No.1 to 4) at Sector-I 4.Replacement of damaged sluice valves, air valves, Non-return valves etc., at Sector-I    8-Sep-2020    22-Sep-2020   
RG.I/CVL/E/T-74,75,76/2020-21    1.Maintenance of Roads at Sector-I including GDK-1 Group of mines in RG.I Area, GDK 2.M&||R works to D-type quarters (from Plot No.5 to 8) at Sector-I in RG.I Area, GDK 3.M&||R works to T2-type quarters from T2-1 to 360 quarters at GM Colony and IB Colony at Sector-I in RG.I area, GDK    11-Sep-2020    25-Sep-2020   
RG1/CVL/T-77/2020-21    Deployment of unskilled labour as ward boys and Ayahs in Area Hospital at RG.I Area, GDK.    12-Sep-2020    23-Sep-2020   
RG1/CVL/T-78/2020-21    Deployment of manpower attending cooking and cleaning purpose for maintenance of canteen in hygienic condition at GDK-1 CSP, Area Hospital and Area Work shop in RG.I Area, GDK.    14-Sep-2020    28-Sep-2020   
RG1/CVL/T-68/2020-21    Providing House Keeping and Civic Maintenance works at Area Hospital for the years 2020-22 in RG.I Area, GDK    27-Aug-2020    22-Sep-2020   


RG-III/CVL/T-26/2020-21    M &|| R works to C2, SC2, T2 and ST2 type quarters in Centenary colony, RG-III area.    18-Sep-2020    3-Oct-2020   
RG-III/CVL/URS/T-27/20-21    Deployment of contractor’s labour (25 man shifts per day) for canteen boys for OCP-I and OCP-II , RG-III Area    19-Sep-2020    1-Oct-2020   
RG-III/CVL/T-28/2020-21    M &|| R works NC and B-chummereis at CNC, RG-III Area.    22-Sep-2020    6-Oct-2020   


MMR/CVL/E-BPA/T-45/2020-21    Maintenance and Repair works to all Higher type quarters at Bellampalli township for the year 2020-21, Mandamarri area, Mancherial- Dist , TS    8-Sep-2020    23-Sep-2020   
MMR/CVL/E-MM/T-47/2020-21    M&||R works to D-type quarters at IInd zone Mandamarri area for the year 2020-21, Mancherial district, Telangana State    15-Sep-2020    30-Sep-2020   
MMR/CVL/E-BPA/T-48/2020-21    Replacement of Damaged Sanitary lines and Septic tank from quarter No 80/A to 94/B in Station road colony in Bellampalli township Mandamarri area.    16-Sep-2020    1-Nov-2020   
MMR/CVL/UT-51/2020-21.    Deployment of Un-Skilled workmen for a period of one year to work as ward boys and ayahs at Area Hospital, RKP, Mandamarri area”    22-Sep-2020    30-Sep-2020   


CW/SRP/E-34 35/T-40 41/2020-21    1)Maintenance of Filter beds at RK-5 mine including of Water tanks inside mines premises for a period of 02 years (i.e., 2020-21 &|| 202122) in Srirampur area 2)Maintenance of Filter beds at RK-6 mine including of water tanks inside mines premises for a period of 02 years (i.e., 2020-21 &|| 202122) in Srirampur area    7-Sep-2020    23-Sep-2020   
CW/SRP/E-32 33/T-38 39/2020-21    1)Providing synthetic HDPE membrane sheet over roof slabs of ND-type of Nagarjuna colony storied quarters at Naspur colony (Phase-II) in Srirampur 2)Replacement of damaged AC sheets with Pre-Painted GI sheets to Car garages of C-type quarters (Phase-I) at Naspur colony in Srirampur area    7-Sep-2020    23-Sep-2020   
CW/SRP/E-30 31/T-36 37/2020-21    1)Providing Armstorng false ceiling, Aluminium partition and other miscellaneous works at Ground floor (F&||A Dept) and 1st floor (Proposed Civil Dept) at GM Office complex in Srirampur 2)Providing synthetic HDPE membrane sheet over roof slabs of B-type quarters, Servant quarters of A&||B type quarters and Public buildings like Guest House and GWSS pump house at CCC Township in Srirampur    7-Sep-2020    23-Sep-2020   
CW/SRP/UT-08 09/T-4344, Dt. 19-09-2020    1) Removal of spillage coal accumulated on the gantry floors at CHPs and along the conveyor belt at CHPs &|| along the conveyors in tunnel of the GL bunkers in underground bunkers under new PWWLS (Pre Weigh Wagon Loading System) at SRP-OCP in SRP area 2) Supply of contract workmen(unskilled) to RK-5 Group hired lorry for drawing of materials including loading, unloading and stacking etc.    19-Sep-2020    6-Oct-2020