Civil Tenders

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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


CRP/CVL/BHP/TN-09/2021-22    Providing concrete lining to existing Nallah (diverted nallah) at KTK OC-2 Bhupalpalli, Jayashankar Bhupalpalli Dist. Telangana State.    3-May-2021    13-May-2021   
CRP/CVL/RG-III/TN-10/2021-22    Desilting of Bokkalavagu on downstream of CC-11 conveyor near float alarm to North-East side of the quarry upto old aqueduct at RG OC-II mine, RG-III Area, Godavarikhani, Peddapalli Dist., Telangana State.    7-May-2021    13-May-2021   
CRP/CVL/STPP/TN-08/2021-22 Dt.24.04.2021    Construction of closed shed-1 (Size:15mx75m), providing CC pavement around the shed and approach road to shed at STPP, Jaipur(V&||M), Mancherial Dist., TS.    24-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   


CW/KGM/e-09/2021-22, Dt.04.05.2021    Replacement of collapsed slab &|| renovation of DSP Office (UM-12) building at Ganeshpuram Area, Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State. (“Invited under earmarked works – SCCL registered contractors belong to SC Community only are eligible to participate”).    4-May-2021    19-May-2021   
CW/KGM/e-10/2021-22,Dt.04.05.2021    Corrigendum - Repairs to the existing Down Ward No.2 to establish an Isolation Ward for Covid-19 Patients at Main Hospital, Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State    4-May-2021    10-May-2021   
CW/KGM/e-02/2021-22    Corrigendum - M and R Works for all residential quarters for section No.6K (C&||D) i.e., for quarters of DA-450 to DA-701 at Babu camp area, Kothagudem Corporate for the year 2021-22, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State. (“Invited under earmarked works – SCCL registered contractors belong to SC Community only are eligible to participate”).    5-May-2021    12-May-2021   
CW/KGM/e-42/2020-21    Corrigendum - M &|| R works to Central Workshop and 132 K.V. Sub - Station Ganeshpuram area for the year 2021-22, Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State.    6-Apr-2021    12-May-2021   
CVL/KGM/UT-08/2021-22,Dt.06.05.2021    Deployment of contractor workmen i.e.,un- skilled-11 Nos., Semi-skilled – 01 No., &|| Skilled -01 No., per day for a period of two years i.e., 2021-22 &|| 2022-23 for Housekeeping works at Main Hospital, Kothagudem Corporate.    6-May-2021    19-May-2021   
CW/KGM/e-04/2021-22, Dt.17.04.2021    Corrigendum - M &|| R Works for Section No.9K/B inside Main Hospital for the year 2021-22, Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State.    17-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
CW/KGM/e-07/2021-22,Dt.22.04.2021    Re-organisation of existing sanitary system at S.C. Women’s college including departments like civil office, Main Workshop, Central Stores, Epic-centre building, Head Office premises etc., Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State.    22-Apr-2021    13-May-2021   
CW/KGM/e-08/2021-22,Dt.29.04.2021    Corrigendum - Providing parking tiles, Armstrong false ceiling and kerb walls to bungalow No.jr.O.B.-5, Bungalows area Kothagudem Corporate, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State.    29-Apr-2021    13-May-2021   


CW/RD/ URS-01/2021-22    Removal of spillage coal, accumulated coal dust along the gantry conveyors and in pit quarry conveyors and crushers area at coal handling plant at GKOCP, Kothagudem area, for a period of one year i.e., 2021-22.    6-May-2021    12-May-2021   


YLD/CVL/eT-04/2021-22    M&||R and Other to O-3 section i.e., public buildings, Office buildings, Mines and Service buildings, at Old area, Yellandu for the Year 2021-22.    3-May-2021    18-May-2021   
YLD/CVL/eT-02/2021-22    M&||R and Other to J3 (JKOC) at JK Area, Yellandu for the Year 2021-22.    25-Apr-2021    12-May-2021   
YLD/CVL/eT-03/2021-22    Replacement of damaged doors, windows and frames to all types of quarters, public buildings at JK colony, Yellandu    25-Apr-2021    12-May-2021   


MNG/CVL/UT-08/2021-22    Civic maintenance including sweeping roads, cleaning of roads surfaces, cleaning of sanitary lines including manholes, inspection chambers, cleaning of masonry drains of all sizes, transportation garbage from house from house to dust bins by tricycles and from dustbins to dump yard by tractors Kunavaram area including Bombay colony, Kunavaram Railway gate junction and MC Type quarte    3-May-2021    20-May-2021   
MNG/CVL/TN-04/G-09/2021-22    Construction of foundations and other miscellaneous works to 60T Weigh Bridge, Weigh Bridge Room and CC approach road including CD works to the 60T weigh bridge at PKOC-IV in Manuguru area, Bhadradri Kothagudem (DT), TS.    4-May-2021    27-May-2021   
MNG/CVL/UT-09/2021-22    Deployment of 3000 No’s unskilled labour musters for attending non perennial works for a period of One Year i.e 2021-22 in Manuguru Area, Bhdradri kothagudem(Dist),T.S    4-May-2021    13-May-2021   
MNG/CVL/TN-03/G-08/2021-22    Labour Charges for dismantling, Laying and Jointing of 200mm dia Pipe Lines in Quarry Area of OC-II Section of PKOC for the year 2021-22 in Manuguru Area, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana State    19-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
MNG/CVL/TN-02/SC-07/2021-22    Providing Tar felting to the office building i.e PO Office, 132KV Substation, OC-II site office, Global washery and Stores Building in Manuguru Area, Bhadradri Kothagudem (DT), TS. (“Invited under earmarked works – SCCL registered contractors belong to SC Community are eligible to participate”)    19-Apr-2021    24-May-2021   
MNG/CVL/TN-01/G-06/2021-22    Providing Maintenance and Repair works to P.O. Office building at PKOC in Manuguru Area, Bhadradri kothagudem(DT),T.S.    19-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
MNG/CVL/UT-07/2021-22    Deployment of Out sourcing manpower like 4Nos.Staff Nurses,02 Nos. Lab technicians and 02 Nos. SNS to work at Quarantine/Isolation wards for a period of 3 Months at Area Hospital, in Manuguru Area, Bhadradri Kothagudem (DT),TS.    22-Apr-2021    11-May-2021   


RG.I/CVL/ET-07/2021-22    Construction of Compound wall and toilets at Bheemeswaralayam (Shivalayam) temple at Jangaon village under Remediation plan/CER in RG.I area, GDK. (Defect liability period two years) (Note: With contractors cement&|| steel and no departmental materials will be issued) (“Invited under earmarked work – SC Community are eligible to participate”)    12-Apr-2021    12-May-2021   
RG.I/CVL/ET-09,10,11,12,13 /2021-22    1.MandR Works to GDK1 Mine in RGI 2.MandR Works to GDK2.2A Mines in RGI 3.Cleaning of overhead tanks and ground level tanks including plumbing works for higher type quarters like A B NB NC etc at sectorI 4. MandR Works to A B NB type quarters at sector I 5.M and R Works to DCH D SRT BARRACKS and MD type quarters at PHC in RG I    24-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
RG.I/CVL/ET-14/2021-22    1.External repairs and colouring works to Q.Nos.ST2-17 to 24, ST2-25 to 32, ST2-57 to 64, ST2-265 to 272 ST2-273 to 280, ST2-281 to 288, ST2-289 to 296 and ST2-297 to 304 at Bus Stand colony at Sector-I in RG.I Area, GDK.    24-Apr-2021    24-May-2021   


-III/CVL/ET-01/20-21    Misc M&||R works in connection with area safety committee proposals at OCP-I,RG-III area    7-May-2021    13-May-2021   
RG-III/CVL/URS/T-05/2021-22    House keeping works at community Hall,CER and GYM in CNC,RG-III Area for the year of 2021-22 and 2022-23    7-May-2021    18-May-2021   
APA/CVL/T-76/2020-21    Shifting of pre fabricated structure from located at DORLI OCP to punch entry no.3 seam along OCP-II high wall at ALP,APA    7-May-2021    13-May-2021   
RG-III/CVL/T-79/20-21    M&||R works to Adriyala long wall project pit mouth buildings ,APA for the year 2021-22.    7-May-2021    13-May-2021   
RG-III/CVL/ET-04/21-22    Deployment of Hired compactor/vibrator roller with operator,Diesel and fuels etc, for formation work of SRSP L6 canal at RG-III area    7-May-2021    13-May-2021   


BHP/CVL/UT-03/2021-22    Deployment of contract labour for misc works at MRS, Bhupalaplli Area- for a period of twelve months.    3-May-2021    12-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/UT-04/2021-22    Transportation of garbage from all mines and public buildings at Bhupalaplli area.    6-May-2021    10-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/UT-05/2021-22    Supply of high skilled &|| un skilled contract labour in Area hospital Bhupalpalli to meet immediate shortage of staff nurses, ward boys and scavengers, Bhupalpalli area    8-May-2021    10-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/ET-02/2021-22    M&||R Works to indoor and outdoor substations of mines and townships at Bhupalpalli area for the year 2021-22, Bhupalpalli    24-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/ET-07/2021-22    Providing shed over 90KW Conveyor gantry at pit head CHP of KTKOC-II, Bhupalaplli.    24-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/ET-01/2021-22    M&||R works to surface buildings and other misc. Civil works at KTK-1 Incline and KTKOC-II for the year 2021-22, Bhupalpalli    24-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/ET-03/2021-22    Re-construction of damaged portions of compound wall including closing of gaps at various mines and public buildings in Bhupalpalli Area.    24-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/ET-05/2021-22    Laying of HDPE/MS pipe line for installation of pumps at KTKOC-II, Bhupalpalli.    24-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/ET-06/2021-22    Maintenance and repair works to water supply lines and bore wells at Bhupalpalli Area.    24-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/ET-04/2021-22    Construction of boundary pillar along forest land and block boundary of Tadicharla Block-II at Bhupalpalli Area (“Invited under earmarked work - SC Community are eligible to participate”)    24-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   
BHP/CVL/UT-24/2020-21    Civic maintenance and Housekeeping works including masonry, plumbing and carpentry works at Camp area for the year 2021-23, Bhupalpalli.    27-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   


BPA/CVL/EP-05/2021-22    Repairs to Conference Hall and connecting corridor to Cash counter at GM Office Complex, Goleti Township in Bellampalli Area, Kumrambheem-Asifabad Dist., Telangana State.    26-Apr-2021    10-May-2021   


MMR/CVL/E-RKPT/T-12/2021-22    Repairs to roof slab of Higher type quarters with HDPE membranes felt at Ramakrishnapur Township, Mandamarri area. (“Invited under earmarked work – SC Community are eligible to participate”)    6-May-2021    20-May-2021   
MMR/CVL/E-MM/T-11/2021-22    M and R works to D-type and T-type quarters at 1st zone (Group-II), Mandamarri area.    6-May-2021    20-May-2021   
MMR/CVL/UT-13/2021-22.    “ Civic maintenance works at III rd zone, KK-5 bungalows and Pranahitha colony at Mandamarri township, Mandamarri area for the years 2021-22 and 2022-23 (For 2 years period)    7-May-2021    14-May-2021   


CW/SRP/E-01/T-01/2021-22,Dt:04.05.2021 (Second Call)    “Supplying, laying and jointing of 350 mm dia DI pipe line from existing 600 mm dia main line (Near Royal talkies) to New GLSR at Naspur colony in Srirampur Area, Mancherial Dist. T.S.”    4-May-2021    27-May-2021   
Corrigendum CW/SRP/E-64,66/T-81,83/2020-21    1)Laying of BT road from SC Polytechnic College Junction to New Merit bunker at SRP-CHP of Srirampur area, Mancherial (Dist), T.S. 2)Repairs and renewal coat to existing approach road from NH-63 to SRP-OCP in Srirampur area, Mancherial (Dist), T.S.    12-Apr-2021    20-May-2021