Procedure for Allotment of Coal in SCCL

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Procedure for allotment of coal to IPP, CPP, Cement & Sponge Iron units.

The units have to approach Ministry of Coal through nodal Ministry for allotment of coal in a prescribed format provided in the MOC website along with the necessary fee.

Standing Linkage Committee (Long Term) will consider all such applications and give directions to the concerned coal company for issue of Letter of Assurance (LOA) in SLC (LT) meetings conducted from time to time by Ministry of Coal.

On receipt of intimation from MOC, coal company have to issue LOA stipulating the time milestones to be achieved by the unit subject to submission of commitment guarantee by the unit holder.

In case there is any delay in achievement of milestones, the unit holder has to submit additional commitment guarantee to the coal company as per LOA terms and conditions.

On achievement of the time milestones, the unit holder has to approach the coal company for signing of FSA for supply of coal.

The coal company has to enter into FSA and commence coal supplies as per FSA.

Procedure for allotment of coal to other category units.

All the units other than Power, Cement, CPP & Sponge iron units have to approach the Industries dept of their respective states for recommendation of their requirement of coal to SCCL.

On receipt of their recommendation from Industries dept, SCCL Marketing dept will examine their request and consider allotment of coal depending upon the availability of coal.

After processing of the recommendation from the Industries dept, SCCL will intimate the allotment of coal and customers have to sign FSA in case their annual requirement is more than 4200 TPA and coal supplies will be governed by the commercial terms of the FSA entered between SCCL and customers.

For customers whose annual requirement is less than 4200 TPA, they will be supplied coal under Non-FSA category.