Section 4(1)(b)(ii)

RTI ACT,2005
Chairman Managing Director Chief Executive Officer
Director (Finance) In Charge of Finance Accounts, Audit and Secretarial Departments
Director(PAW) In Charge of Personnel, Administration, Welfare, Vigilance, HRD, Estates, Medical Health, Education, Security, Legal, and Civil Engg. department (for welfare related works). Singareni Collieries Co-operative Central Stores Limited (Super Bazar).
Director (Electrical Mechanical) In Charge of 2 X 600 MW Singareni Thermal Power Project (STPP) and all activities relating to Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Chairman of ‘Technical Evaluation Committee’ and ‘Technical Specification Committee’ for evaluation of proposals pertaining to Material Procurement Department and Contract Management Department.
Director (Operations) In charge of Mines located in Ramagundam-I, Ramagundam-II, Ramagundam-III including Adriyala Project, Bhupalapalli Areas and Naini Coal Mine, Material Procurement Department, Business Development, Stores, Civil, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, ERP and Quality Management Departments.
Director (Planning and Projects) In charge of Mines located in Kothagudem, Yellandu, Manuguru, Srirampur, Mandamarri and Bellampalli Areas and Corporate Planning, Project Planning, IPM, Exploration, Survey, R and D, Safety, Forestry, Environment, Contract Management Departments
Executive Director (Coal Movement) Head of Coal Movement
Executive Director (STPP) Head of Singareni Thermal Power Plant (STPP)
GM(CP&P) Head of Corporate Planning and Projects Department.
GM (Safety) Head of Safety Department.
GM (Quality Management) Head of Quality Management Department.
GM(R&D) Head of Research and Development Department
GM (Material Procurement) Head of Material Procurement Department
GM (Contract Management) Head of Contract Management Department.
AGM (BD) Head of Business Development Department and relating to all outside Consultancy services, Business development and diversification.
GM (H R D) Head of Human Resources Department (HRD)
GM (Estates) Head of Estates Department
GM (Environment) Head of Environmental Department.
GM(F&A) Head of Finance and Accounts Department
GM(F&A), Internal Audit Head of Internal Audit Department
GM (Personnel), IR and PM Head of Industrial Relations (IR), Personnel Management (PM) and SAP HR-PY Departments
GM (Personnel) Welfare and RC Head of Welfare and Recruitment (RC) Departments
GM (Personnel) EE and CSR Head of Executive Establishment and CSR Departments
GM (Security) Head of Security Departments (S and PC)
GM(I&PM) Head of Information and Projects Management Department
GM (Rescue) Head of Mine Rescue Services
GM (Exploration) Head of Exploration Department
GM (Civil) Head of Civil Engineering Department
GM (Management Services) Head of Management Services Department
Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Head of Medical & Health services.
GM(E&M), OCPs Head of Electrical and Mechanical functions in Opencast Projects
GM(E&M), UG Mines Head of Electrical and Mechanical functions in Underground (UG) Mines.
GM(E&M), CHPs Head of Electrical & Mechanical functions in Coal Handling Plants (CHPs)
GM(E&M), Solar Energy Head of Solar Energy Department
GM(E&M), Technical Services Head of Technical Evaluation Services Department
GM(E&M), Transport Head of Transport and Auto Workshops
GM (Stores) Head of Stores
GM(E&M), Workshops & Energy Management Head of Workshops and Energy Management Departments
GM(E&M), CWS Head of Central and Main Workshops and 132 KV Sub-Station at Corporate
GM (Information Technology) Head of Information Technology Department
GM (Survey) Head of Survey Department
GM (Project Planning) Head of Project Planning Department
AGM (Forestry) Head of Forestry allied Services Department
GM (Explosives) Head of SMS Plants and Magazines in the Company
GM (Marketing) Head of Marketing Department
GM (Education) Secretary of Educational Society
Company Secretary Head of Secretarial Department
GM (Vigilance) Head of Vigilance department
DGM (Law) Head of Law Department.
GM, Kothagudem Head of operations in Kothagudem area
GM, Yellandu Head of operations in Yellandu area
GM, Manuguru Head of operations in Manuguru area.
GM, Ramagundam-I Head of operations in Ramagundam-I area
GM, Ramagundam-II Head of operations in Ramagundam-II area
GM, Ramagundam-III Head of operations in Ramagundam-III area
GM, Adriyala Projects Area Head of operations in Adriyala Projects Area
GM, Bhoopalpalli Head of operations in Bhoopalpalli area
GM, Srirampur Head of operations in Srirampur area
GM, Mandamarri Head of operations in Mandamarri area
GM, Bellampalli (HQ: Goleti) Head of operations in Bellampalli area.
GM, Naini Coal Block Head of operations in Naini Coal Block
Name, designation and addresses of Vigilance Officers
Sri Dr. J. Allwyn, IRTS,
Executive Director (Coal Movement) and Chief Vigilance Officer (FAC),
Singareni Collieries Company Ltd,. Singareni Bhavan, Red Hills, PB. No. 18 Khairatabad PO, Hyderabad Telangana State – 500004.
Telephone No.040-23305422
Sri K Prasad Rao,
General Manager (E&M), Vigilance,
Singareni Collieries Company Ltd,. Corporate office, Kothagudem – 507 101.
Telephone No.91-08744-242597
Mobile :9491144628
Fax No. 91-08744-242305