Singareni Employees Wives' Association (SEWA) was started on 10.12 2000 in association with SSS to create awareness among the workmen and their families about various issues covering the family. This includes Savings habit, Health and hygiene, Literacy, Children’s education etc. SSS is providing budget for carrying out the programs of SEWA.

  • Activities of SEWA
    • Adult Literacy among workmen and their families. (23700 adults became literate out of 28000).
    • Medical counseling to bring awareness about personal hygiene, cleanliness of the surroundings etc.
    • Safety related and post retirement planning awareness among the wives' of the employees.
    • Helping and counseling the families of workmen, when they are in distress.
    • Organisation of Fetes and International Women’s Day.                                      Photo Gallery
    • Awareness Programs like Anti-Aids Rallies and Anti-Tobacco initiatives.
    • Anti-Eve teasing Rallies etc.
    • Anti-alcoholic drive.
    • Counseling to chronic absentees.(762 chronic absentees started attending duties regularly after effective counseling).
    • Active association with Environmental initiatives, Plantation, Fuel economy, energy saving etc.
    • Work for social integration like family days etc.
    • Counseling to disparate spouses.