The Process/Procedures of civil works
Based on requirement Lay-out / Execution plans are prepared / approved. Estimates are prepared by Area Engineers based an approved drawings and technically approved by Area Civil Engineers up to `.50.00 Lakhs; estimates costing over `.50.00 Lakhs are examined & approved by G.M(Civil).
The works costing more than `. 5 Lakhs tenders will be called through e-procurement platform of A.P Government
The works costing less than `. 5 Lakhs tenders will be called on open tender System.
Funds for all required works are included in Annual Plan / Functional Budget and got approved. Based on requirement the works are phased and taken-up.
The works costing over `.25.00 Lakhs are published in News Papers / Exhibited on Notice Boards / e-procurement platform and lowest Tendered is selected for the work. This procedure is for both Capital & Revenue nature works.
Eligible contractors as per Tender Notice are to be participated in tenders and lowest offer is considered for evaluation of Tender.
For e-procurement tenders and works costing over `.50.00 Lakhs, two tier tendering system i.e. Technical Bid and Price Bid is followed Evaluation of Technical Bid is based on turn-over / experience / class of registration of the agencies in doing works. Only Price bids of Technically qualified Contractors will be considered for further processing.
Works costing above `. 50.00 lakhs tenders are processed from GM (civil) office.
For works costing up to `. 50.00 lakhs tenders are processed from respective Areas to approving authority.
Unit Rate System:
All out sourcing tender works like Civic maintenance, House keeping, Supply of contract labour where there is major cost component is towards labour payment works are grounded under Unit Rate tendering system,i.e., at SCCL estimated cost based on Govt. prescribed minimum wages plus 10% contractors profit. Lottery will be conducted among eligible intending bidders and work awarded to successful bidder.Contract labour engaged on outsourcing works are provided wages through Bank. Social security of Coal Mines Provident Fund and Medical facilities are also extended.
Tenders are evaluated by Tender Committees:
Area Tender Committee:
For works up to `.10Lakhs: Area Civil Engineer, Area Finance Head& S.O. to G.M. of the Area is Chairman.
For works above `.10 Lakhs and up to `.20 Lakhs: Area Civil Engineer, Area Finance Head are members and AGM (C) of the region is Chairman.
Corporate Tender Committee:
For works above `.20.00 Lakhs and up to `.50 Lakhs G.M (F&A), & G.M (I&PM) are members and G.M (Civil) is chairman.
For works above `. 50.00 Lakhs: G.M (Civil), G.M (F&A), G.M (I&PM) are members and Director(Operations) is chairman.