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 Mine accident at VK No.7 Incline, Kothagudem
 VK No.7 Incline Mine details
Venkateshkhani-7 (VK-7) Incline is situated at a distance of 11 kms from Bhadrachalam Road Railway station.It is located in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh,India.
 Mine started on : 15.08.1954
 No.of employees : 1311
 Present technology
 Top seam : SDLs
 King seam : Blasting gallary / Depillaring by LHDs/ Continuous Miner
 Bottom seam : SDL Depillaring with stowing
 Cause of the Accident: Roof fall
The continuous Miner panel was started on 18th August 2006.This panel consisting of 20 pillars and bottom most three coal pillars were completed.The last slice of the fourth pillar was under extraction.Prior to the accident the continuous Miner was cutting the coal and shuttle car was placed near the continuous miner to transport the coal.Meanwhile a stone layer thickness of around 3 mt parted from the roof and fallen.In the process six persons , Continous Miner and shuttle car were buried. Two persons belonging to Joy Company survived and Four persons of SCCL involved in Fatal injuries.
 Brief description of accident:
 Date & time of accident : 12.11.2006, about 9.00 AM
 Place of accident : 76 LN/23D, CMP-I, King seam
 No.of persons involved : 6
 Persons involved:
 T.Sudheer Babu,Sr.Under Manager
 M.Ramanji,Head Overman
 P.Buchaiah, Gen.Mazdoor
 Pratap Kumar Sharma , CM(Operator)
 Thomas , Shuttle car Operator,South Africa