S.No Description
1 Belt conveyor drive heads ( 90 KW,200 KW,250 KW Capacity)
2 Hauler Electricals
3 Ventilation ducting on rate contract for 2 years
4 Spares of Tata Hitachi equipment on rate contract for 2 years
5 Spares of Escort cranes TRX-1250 model rate contract for 2 years
6 Tooth points for EX 1900 shovels on rate contract
7 Procurement of OT equipment
8 Procurement of Orthopeadic equipment
9 Procurement of Dental equipment
10 Procurement of X-ray machines
11 End on tipplers
12 Long range Electronic total stations
13 Hydraulic puller jacks
14 Furniture
15 Hand held GPS
16 Castrol lubrication for Dragline and BEML 10 Cu.M shovels
17 Various sizes of cast iron valves
18 150 mm dia heavy duty steel pipe
19 Light Diesel Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil for STPP
20 Furnace oil lfor RG.3 and Manugur SMS Plants
21 Bleaching powder
22 EN 8 bright steel bars
23 Lab capital items
24 No bake binders
25 28 KL water sprinklers
26 1 Cu.M bucket capacity shovels
27 Procurenent of sound level meters
28 Procurement of Blast monitoring Sesismograph
29 Procurement of slope stability radar
30 Procurement of CO2 DCP Fire extinguishers
31 Procurement of coal dust explosability meters
32 Proc. of coal tubs of 56.25 , 67.5 Cft
33 Procurement of spares ( non-proprietary ) for Cater pillar HEMM on rate contract for 2 years
34 Uniform to Rescue trained persons
35 Upto 85 mm dia bore bearings
36 Above 85 mm dia bore bearings
37 Woolen socks
38 Leather shoes for OC workers
39 Uniform material for SPC Personnel
40 Repair of ceiling fans
41 Procurement of Steam jet cleaning machines
42 Procurement of LT NFLP DOL SD starters
43 Procurement of FLP signal bell transformers
44 Procurement of FLP SCI motors
45 Procurement of Lighting transformers
46 Production of coal with continuous miner technology on cost per ton basis at Kondapur UG mines, Manugur area
47 Production of coal with longwall on cost per ton basis at KTK No.5 Incline, Bhupalapally area
48 Procurement of 15 HP diesel pumps
49 Procurementr of 7.5 HP submerssible pumps
50 Procurement of Iron steel not covered under rate contract
51 Modernisation of 3 Nos. semi mobile crushers
52 Procurement of 100 HP 190 HP VT pumps
53 Procurement of HEMM training simulaltor
54 Procurement of haulage ropes
55 Procurement of heavy duty printers
56 Procurement of 44" plotters
57 Face recoignition systems
58 AMC of blade servers
59 GYM work stations
60 Scanning and digitisation of documents
61 Procurement of 1.1 KV PVC SWA Cables
62 Procurement of Gas Circuit Breakers
63 Supply of Amonia Nitrate melt to SMS plants
64 Transport of Amonia Nitrate melt to SMS plants
65 Procurement of Mixed Alkly Naptholene Sulphate to SMS plant
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