Civil Tenders

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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


CRP/CVL/MNG/TN-01/2017-18 dt.10.04.2017    Construction of Dumper repair shed and Tyre repair shed at MNG OCP, Manuguru area, Bhadradri Kothagudem Dist. Telangana State    10-Apr-2017    26-Apr-2017   
CRP/CVL/MMR/TN-02/2017-18, Dt 18.04.2017    Construction of 2x50T capacity Steel Bunkers and CC Retaining wall at Kasipet-2 Incline, Mandamarri area, Mancherial District, Telangana State.    18-Apr-2017    2-May-2017   
CRP/CVL/RG-III/TN-03/2017-18, dt.19.04.2017    Civil foundation works for shifting of Conveyor Distribution Point (CDP) at RGOCP-II quarry, RG-III Area, Godavarikhani, Peddapalli District, Telangana State.    19-Apr-2017    5-May-2017   


CW/RD/e-01/2017-18    Felling of unwanted trees in various colonies and public buildings including transportation to SCCL Stock yard in Kothagudem Area    13-Apr-2017    27-Apr-2017   
CW/RD/URS-01 /2017-18    Supply of 780 DLR musters to Central Auto Work shop at Ramavaram, Kothagudem Area.    17-Apr-2017    26-Apr-2017   
CW/RD/URS-02 /2017-18    Operation and maintenance of day to water supply, plumbing mains, distribution system and plumbing works including misc., masonry & Carpentry works at Rudrampur, Gouthampur and UG & OC Mines at Kothagudem Area for TWO years period i.e., 2017-18 and 2018-19.    19-Apr-2017    28-Apr-2017   
CW/RD/e-02/2017-18    M&R Works to Chummery Buildings, NB type, UM type and M type quarters at 3-Incline Bungalows, Kothagudem Area for the year 2017-18.    19-Apr-2017    4-May-2017   


MNG/CVL/TN-03/2017-18    Construction of canteen at MNG OCP, Manuguru, Bhadradri kothagudem District, Telangana state    15-Apr-2017    5-May-2017   
MNG/CVL/TN-01/2017-18    Construction of rock toe wall at OC-II Manuguruuru. Bhadradri kothagudem Dist, Telangana state    15-Apr-2017    2-May-2017   
MNG/CVL/TN-02/2017-18    Providing painting to Electrical switch rears at Manuguru Area, Bhadradri kothagudem District, Telangana state    15-Apr-2017    5-May-2017   


RG1/CVL/E/T-5,6,7/2017-18    1)Relaying of damaged sanitary lines at plots area II, III and IV at Sector-I,2)Reconstruction of collapsed / damaged drains at D-Type Quarters area in Sector-I 3)Relaying of cement concrete road in front of Qr. no.D-83 to D-98, D-133-140 in between D-232-233, 235-236, 272-273, 284-285, 412-413, 428-429, and beside 406 at Sector-I in RG.I Area, GDK.    10-Apr-2017    24-Apr-2017   
RGI/CVL/T-14/2017-18,Dt.13.04.2017    Operation and maintenance of STP at Area Hospital in Rg.I Area,Gdk.    13-Apr-2017    24-Apr-2017   
RG1/CVL/E/T-9,10,11,12,13/2017-18    1)M&R works to A, B, C, NC, NB, B-Ch quarters at Sector.II, 2)Providing tar felting to arrest building roof leakages at Zone-B ,3)Providing tar felting to arrest building roof leakages at Zone-C ,4)Misc. civil works such as chain link mesh fencing around newly laid belt conveyors at GDK-1 CSP,5)Providing hand borewells in surrounding villages under CSR programme.    15-Apr-2017    29-Apr-2017   
RG1/CVL/E/T-15,16,17,18/2017-18    1)Diversion of nallah (earthen) near GDK-2 Incline under bridge,2)Construction of compound wall to vacant land near old degree college ,3)Providing sheds for electrical switch gear in the quarry pumping stations at MOCP,4)Fabrication of tyre mounted, clusters and short structure light poles and casting of RCC pump beds for the installation of pumps at MOCP, RG.I.    19-Apr-2017    3-May-2017   


RG2/CVL/UT-01/2017-18    Out sourcing the work of House Keeping at Base Work Shop at OCP-III, Rg-II area, GDK for the for the years 2017-19.    14-Apr-2017    27-Apr-2017   
RG.2/CVL/ET-02/2017-18    Repairs and Modifications to existing security rooms and morchas at main magazines near GDK-5 Incline at Rg-2 area, Godavarikhani, Peddapalli Dist. Telangana State.    19-Apr-2017    4-May-2017   


RG-III/CVL/URS/T-02/17-18    Housekeeping works at Community hall & CER club in Centenary colony, RG-III area for the year 2017-18 & 2018-19.    11-Apr-2017    25-Apr-2017   
RG-III/CVL/T-01/17-18.    Providing barbed wire fencing around proposed R & R site at Bittupally, RG-III area.    11-Apr-2017    27-Apr-2017