Area Purchase Tenders

Material Procurement
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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


EMN16O0218    Providing 3 Ton Platform Trucks on hire basis for PKOC Manuguru Area, SCCL for a period of 5 years under unit rate system.    24-Dec-2016    1-Mar-2017   


R1116O0143    Supply of Butter Milk Packets to MOCP.RG.I    24-Feb-2017    15-Mar-2017   


R2116O0400    Supply of 200ml Butter Milk Packets for OCP3 & OCP3 CHP, RG2 Area during summer season    17-Feb-2017    3-Mar-2017   


ER316O0477    Collection of coal contaminated thinly with over burden at OB dump yards of OCP2 RG3    23-Jan-2017    1-Mar-2017   
R3116O0495    HIRING OF MINI BUSES ON UNIT RATE SYSTEM FOR APERIOD OF 3 1/2 YEARS    2-Feb-2017    8-Mar-2017   


EBH16O0251    Stitching of Linen at Area Hospital, Bhupalpalli on Rate Contract basis for a period of Two Years    18-Feb-2017    9-Mar-2017   
BH116O0253    Supply of 200 ML Butter Milk Packets to KTKOC, Bhupalpalli Area    23-Feb-2017    9-Mar-2017   


SR116O0118    Deployment of 2 numbers of 4WD Camper Jeep for SRP-OCP of SRP Area with 12 hours availability per day on hire basis under unit rate system for a period of 5 years    8-Sep-2016    15-Mar-2017