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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


KGM/FTY/A/474 475    Revisiting of old dump plantations at (i) JVROCP, Stpl ii) GKOC, Kothagudem area during 2017    19-May-2017    2-Jun-2017   
KGM/FTY/A/473    Raising 1st year maintenace of misc. block plantation in the degraded patches between Gaddalamadugu and 5B Incline RF area of Kothagudem Mining lease during 2017-19    19-May-2017    2-Jun-2017   


RG.I/FTY/A/ENQ.12 TO 17    Raising and 1st year maintenance of Eucalyptus clonal block plantation in the proposed plantation areas of RG.I area during 2017-19.    15-May-2017    31-May-2017   


RG.I/FTY/2017/A/207/11    Raising and 1st year maintenance of OB plantation on the external dumps of OCP.III, RG.II area during 2017-19.    11-May-2017    26-May-2017   
RG.I/FTY/2017/A/enq.9 and 10    Raising and 1st year maintenance of Eucalyptus clonal and miscellaneous block plantations in the proposed plantation area near oxidation pond and Summer Storage tank ( 10.50 Ha)and near VKP mine and Township vacant patches ( 10.00 Ha)of RG.II area during 2017-19.    9-May-2017    25-May-2017   
RG.I/FTY2017/A/209/8    Revisiting of old external OB dumps of OC.III, RG.II area during 2017 planting season.    29-Apr-2017    22-May-2017