POST-PROJECT ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING IN SCCL

            SCCL  is  carrying  out  post-project  environmental  monitoring  of meteorology, air, water quality and noise levels in and around SCCL mining areas to study the impact of mining on surrounding environment. The parameters,  frequency of monitoring  and  standards  are  followed as per Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) Notification GSR: 742 (E) dt. 25.09.2000, applicable to coal Mining Industry.

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring:

           Air  quality  monitoring  is  being  carried out at mines, workshops,  coal handling plants, power houses, SCCL colonies / villages. SCCL  is  monitoring  ambient  air  quality  in  the  nearby  villages to assess the impact of mining operations  on  surrounding  habitation.  Micro-meteorological  monitoring  is  being  carried  out  in  mining areas for recording Wind direction, Wind speed, Temperature and Rain fall. 

           The  standards  stipulated  vide  MoEF Notification, GSR-742 (E), dt. 25.09.2000, are applicable  to  Work zone stations, National Ambient Air Quality standards are applicable to SCCL colonies and villages and CPCB standards are followed for vehicular exhaust emissions.

Water Quality Monitoring

           Water quality monitoring involves periodical assessment of quality of mine discharge water, treated workshop effluents,  treated colony effluents,  ground water and surface water.  Water  quality is monitored for mine discharge, workshop & CHP effluents and domestic sewage as per MoEF Notification GSR: 742 (E)  dt. 25.09.2000. SCCL is  also monitoring the ground water quality as per  IS: 10500 , surface Water samples as per    IS: 2296, 1982  , in order to assess  the i mpact  of  mining  on  ground  and  surface  water  bodies  around  mining  areas. Hospital effluents are monitored as per Gazette Notification S.O.630 (E) issued by MoEF on Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rule, 1998.

Noise Level Monitoring

           Noise  level  monitoring  is  being  done  at  OCPs,  U/G mines, villages  nearer to OCPs, coal handling plants. Ambient  air  quality  standards  stipulated  by  MoEF  in respect of noise vide Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 and standards stipulated in MoEF Notification, GSR-742 (E),  dt. 25.09.2000 will be followed in noise level monitoring. The  post-project   environmental  monitoring  is  being  carried out in SCCL  by  engaging  an  external agency  recognized  by  Ministry of environment  and  Forests , New Delhi.  The monitoring  locations for post-project environmental monitoring work are identified in consultation with Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board.